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This Social Experiment Just Exposed the Ugly Truth Behind Tinder

Online dating is a gamble. You never quite know what you’re going to get. Mostly it’s a nightmare, but once in a while, it works out. Sit back and relax while these YouTubers conduct an online dating social experiment that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Read on to find out just what happened.

The Theory

According to a study, the number one fear for women when dating online is that their date is going to be a serial killer. The number one fear for men, is that the woman they’re meeting is going to be fat.


Armed with that knowledge, YouTubers Jesse and Kong set out to test the theory with a social experiment. Complete with fat suits and hidden cameras.

 The Catfish

Professional catfishers Sara and Willy set out searching the dark corners of Tinder, each setting up multiple dates. Both used current, up to date photos of their actual selves, but that’s not how they would show up to their dates.


Being unable to scientifically test the serial killer part of the theory, both Sara and Willy went through makeovers to become every man’s number one online dating fear.

Project Sara

Complete with a fat suit and prosthetic double chin, Sara waited patiently for her first date to appear. In comparison to her bikini on the beach photo she looked at least quadruple her normal size.



Then men, visibly in shock, cautiously seated themselves in front of Sara only after she caught their attention and assured them she was, in fact, the same Sara from Tinder.

The Reactions

“You actually, you look just like your photo, it’s so crazy. I saw you over there and I’m like 99% sure that’s him,” Sara told one of her dates. At a loss for words, he replied stuttering, “you look… different.”



Fat-suit Sara received some harsh criticism. Comments included: “You look so much different from your picture.” “You look kinda’ more… voluptuous.” And the home run hitters: “Are you pregnant?” And, “You like to eat?”

Sadly, only one of the men stayed for the entire date. The rest skipped out. Some of the men were honest as to the reason but others not so much. One date told Sara that he was going to the restroom then high-tailed it out of there. Another confessed that he was married and bounced, we’re not certain if he telling the truth or just making up an excuse.

Project Willy

Fat-suit Willy, on the other hand, received very different reactions from his dates. The women, while a bit hesitant, walked up to him and even accepting welcome hugs. He did receive a few comments about his Tinder photos not being current but the dates appeared to just accept the fact they were old and move on. Most of the women were likely just waiting the date out respectfully instead of running away screaming.



Surprisingly, the dates turned out not to be complete duds, despite Willy’s active attempts to dislike everything the dates said and in general be rude to them. All of the women stayed until the end of the date. With one even setting up a second date and giving Willy a goodbye kiss.

Please feel free to share this article. Jesse and Kong’s YouTube video can be found here.

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