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How to Throw a Party on a Budget: DIY Guide

Planning a party can be fun and stressful, not to mention it can really break your bank if not planned well. Throwing a party on a budget – regardless of the budget is always a good idea. Whether you want to save on decorations and splurge on drinks or vice versa, having a plan is always a necessity when throwing a extravaganza, cocktail party, dinner party, or even small get-together. Below, are 6 ways to save on a DIY party.


1. Secure the Venue

First things first, you should Secure the Venue. Whether it’s a park or your cramped living room that seats six people – without  a venue or spot to host you can’t actually…host. If you can’t have guests at your place or find that an outdoor public space won’t work, ask a friend to co-host the party with you. But just remember, they’ll likely be double the amount of guests which means double the budget.

Party on a budget


2. Pick a Theme

Are you looking to throw a mermaid inspired birthday party or beer tasting party? Perhaps a holiday party or a low key dinner? Without a theme there’s no way you can know how to tackle your party. A Beer tasting party will not need as many decorations as a birthday party would, and you definitely wouldn’t need to buy holiday themed items if’s a birthday party. Once you pick a theme stick to it, this way you can go from there.

3. Plan Your Guest List Ahead of Time

Sending out invites, whether they be in the form of texts, emails, social media events, or actual mail invites, is best done ahead of time. This way your guests can secure the date and give you a better picture of whether they’ll make it or not. Very few people realize when you over plan for a party and buy extra food, alcohol, and even decorations such as plates, silverware, and other necessities, it can actually cost you a good chunk of money. Sure, you can use them down the line, but wouldn’t you have rather have saved the money in the first place? It’s also more cost efficient to email the invites rather than physically send them. The cost for postage can add up quickly.

Party on a budget


4. Look for Sales

Clearance! Clearance! Clearance! Clearance items are always a great idea. Granted, they may not always fit your party’s theme, but sometimes Marshalls, Home Goods, and even TJ Maxx will have clearance party items that are perfect for your party. There’s also the Dollar Store for party items. You really can’t beat a dollar for a 12 pack of decorative plates. You can even use items you already have like wax or electric candles for a rustic touch or ask friends to borrow items if you’re really on a tight budget. You’d be surprised what you might have laying around that would be perfect for use at a party.

Don’t just look for sales on party decor – check supermarket circulars and see what food is on sale. Sometimes you can score appetizers and party snacks for cheap at the supermarket. If you look for sales you WILL find them. You just have to research and figure out what foods work best for your party and what your cheapest options are.

5. Throw a Potluck

Regardless of the theme, or how big your party is, throwing a potluck is always a good idea because it will save you lots of time AND money. You’ll get to try new recipes from friends, it’ll give everyone something to talk about, and you wont be stuck with the clean-up. If your guests bring a dish they’ll most likely want to take it home. The less garbage you have to clean up the better.

Party on a budget


6. Set the Mood

Apps like Pandora and Spotify are perfect for your party and a great way to set the mood. Whether it’s a dance fest or more of an acoustic dinner, you’ll never have to worry. And the upside is both these apps will play straight from your computer for free.

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