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Big Game Hunter Was Killed by Elephant He Intended To Kill

There’s a saying that “what goes around comes around” and in the case of Theunis Botha, a professional big game hunter, the proverb has been proven to be more than a cliché as he died after being crushed by an elephant he was hunting on Friday.

Theunis Botha

The 51-year-old hunter made a living hunting wild animals and perhaps with his skills and years of experience, he didn’t even dream that there will come a time when tables will turn and he will eventually become the prey.

According to reports by The Sun, during a hunt with clients Friday in Zimbabwe, Botha unknowingly found himself and the group in the middle of a breeding herd of elephants with a couple of calves.

The herd apparently attacked the group and one of the female elephants caught the veteran hunter unguarded, lifting him up using her massive trunk. On impulse, one of the members of Botha’s hunting party fatally shot the animal. Unfortunately, the dead elephant collapsed on top of Botha, crushing the father-of-five to death.

Theunis Botha

Botha was the founder of Game Hounds Safaris, a business that is focused on providing clients an unbelievable and highly exciting African safari experience. The company’s website claimed that Botha already perfected leopard and lion hunting safaris using hounds and that he was the innovator of traditional European-Style Driven Monteria hunts in Africa.

Botha was known to assist wealthy clients from all over the world in hunting leopards, elephants and other wild animals in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, offering differing hunting “packages”.

Family, loved ones, and fellow hunters are mourning the loss of Botha, who they knew to be a good husband, father, and friend.

Theunis Botha

TB Big Game Hounds

The host of “Safari Hunter’s Journal”, Steve Scott, posted a tweet saying it was “sad news,” and referred to Botha as a “friend & professional hunter.”

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