Where you came from ?! These Missing Persons Cases Are The Most Gripping
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These Missing Persons Cases Are The Most Gripping

It seems like we hear about at least one missing persons case every week. They either end up vanishing without a trace or becomes missing and never  seen again. Of course, there are happy stories that end with the missing person being found and reunited with their families. But, there seems to be twice as many cases that remain unsolved.

With so many cases being well known, many others occur without the public even knowing that anything has happened. These cases are very gripping and mysterious so lets get started.

35. Alyssa McLemore

On 4/9/2009, 21 year old Alyssa McLemore became a missing person in Kent, WA. According to reports, Alyssa was identified in the downtown area of Kent standing next to a 90s model green pickup.




At 9:15pm, a call was received by 911 presumably from Alyssa. The 911 operator stated that she heard a female needing help, but the phone was untraceable because of the lack of a GPS. The missing person case then went cold.

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