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The Hottest Jobs in America; According to Tinder

Over the past coupe of years, Tinder has been the go-do dating app for people who might not be looking for a super serious relationship,but more of a good time. Most young people have made their own profile at one point or another, even if they’re not actively participating in the world of Tinder at this very moment in time. Since this has become one of the most popular dating apps out there for the millennial generation to turn to, plenty of people have also turned to it to do certain types of research about adult behavior concerning the dating world.

This includes a very recent research project conducted, which looked into the most popular professions that men and women seem to swipe right for when they come across them on someone’s Tinder profile. Ever since they added the ability for people to add their job information to their Tinder profile straight from their Facebook page that is hooked up to their profile, this research has become very possible, and the results can be pretty surprising.

The initial research was conducted by Business Insider website, where they also interviewed the CEO of Tinder, Sean Rad, concerning the topic of their research. In the interview, Rad was quoted saying, “I think the thing that has shocked me [in developing Tinder] is that when it comes to establishing an initial impression, there’s a very finite set of things we look at to decide whether we want to have a conversation with someone.

How you look — and what that says about your personality — common connections, career, education. Ninety percent of it comes down to that.” See? Even the CEO of the successful company and dating app is very interested and surprised about the final results of this study!

The top two professions that they found in their research was pilot for men and physical therapist for women. This may be surprising to some, but it has been found that those who have volunteered the information on their personal Tinder profiles that they possess these professional positions for careers tend to get more matches on Tinder than those who do not volunteer this information, or who volunteer the information but have a different career than the ones listed below.

Though there isn’t any clear evidence on why this is so, it seems to be the biggest preferences of careers for potential partners to have on this particular site. It may very well have to do with salaries, success rates, and honor of the job titles that they members of the site hold, as this can be very important to someone while looking for a potential mate for themselves. But here are the full lists for both men and women.

Men, in order: Pilot, Founder/Entrepreneur, Firefighter, Doctor, TV/Radio Personality, Teacher, Engineer, Model, Paramedic, College Student, Lawyer, Personal, Trainer, Financial Adviser, Police Officer, and Military Personnel of any branch of the military and any department.

Women, in order: Physical Therapist, Interior Designer, Founder/Entrepreneur, PR/Communications, Teacher, College Student, Speech-Language Pathologist, Pharmacist, Social-Media Manager, Model, Dental Hygienist, Nurse, Flight Attendant, Personal Trainer, and Real-Estate Agent.

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