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Terry Pratchett’s Award-Winning ‘Discworld’ Gets TV Series On BBC

Over the years, we’ve seen some amazing book series get major TV adaptations. Discworld is set to finally join the excitement. With such a vast library of content, fans will be quite eager to see where this series will go.

The Light Fantastic

Terry Pratchett’s popular book series will be turned into a live-action adaptation thanks to the BBC. A soon to be named American streaming service will help distribute the series. So far, no one has been cast yet.

Transworld Publishers

Titled The Watch, this adaptation will be penned by Simon Allen, who is best known for his work on The Musketeers and Strike Back. In 2011, Pratchett’s daughter Rhianna revealed plans to start working on The Watch, but the project was in limbo over the past few years.

A Hat Full Of Sky

Discworld debuted in 1981, and it quickly became a best seller. The series, which currently has 41 novels, won the Carnegie Medal in 2001 for The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents and the Prometheus Award in 2003 for Night Watch. Among these novels, Discworld is divided into seven subseries.

RHI Entertainment

This isn’t the first time the massive Discworld series has seen an adaptation. In the late ’90s, a string of animated adaptations was released through Cosgrove Hall Films. A trio of live-action movies was released through Sky 1, including Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic.

The Nice And Accurate Prophecies

Later this year, another Pratchett novel will see its television debut. Good Omens, which was co-written with Neil Gaiman, will be released through Amazon Prime and BBC Two.

John Stillwell

The six-part miniseries will star A-listers David Tennant, Jon Hamm, Anna Maxwell Martin, and Michael Sheen. The show was directed by Douglas Mackinnon, who worked on several episodes of Doctor Who and Jekyll.

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