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The Terrifying Tale of a Girl Found Adrift at Sea

In 1961 Arthur Duperrault took his family on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation through the islands of the Bahamas. Not content with taking a big cruise ship or airplane, Duperrault, a World War II veteran and successful eye doctor, bought a boat. Months after the family first set sail, young Terry Jo Duperrault was found drifting in the ocean, with no family in sight, and close to death. So what happened during that fateful trip? Read on to learn about the horrific odyssey from the testimony of the only survivor!

1. How It All Began

Many people dream of sailing the seas. They fantasize about getting away from the tedium of the office, the restrictions of the suburbs, or the chaos of the city. People form elaborate plams about taking their friends, family, or loved ones out in the wide open ocean where there are no lines at the grocery store, no Powerpoint presentations, and no busy sidewalks filled with people who will walk right over you.


One man who dreamt of the seas is Arthur Duperrault. Duperrault, a World War II veteran, worked as an eye doctor in Green Bay, Winsonsin. After years of saving, he and his wife, Jean, were ready to take their family on an adventure of a lifetime. Obviously, the couple could not have known what they were really in for.

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