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Teens Steal a Motorbike But Quickly Regret What They Did

If you’re in need of a little faith in humanity restoration today, you’re in the right place. Seems like everywhere we look nowadays there’s just bad news, so it’s important to take some time to find the good stories that happen every day. Take this one, for example. Stories that involve stealing from kids usually don’t have happy endings, but somehow this one does!

A Couple Of  Dumb Kids Stole a Motorbike…

A couple of teens recently stole a Yamaha motorbike from an apartment complex, but little did they know at the time, they’d end up returning it with a heartwarming note.


Mel Flesher/Facebook

After the bike went missing, Mel Flesher shared her story on Facebook and asked for help in finding her boyfriend’s kids’ stolen yellow motorbike.

“Some loser stole my boyfriends’ kids’ 72 Yamaha 80 cc bike from our complex on 3rd and Ryan,” Flesher wrote on her Facebook page. “We think it went missing early this morning. Broke the lock we had on it. We recently got this bike and fixed it up so they could learn how to ride. It’s old but runs perfectly for the kids. Please keep your eyes out for it. Thanks.”

A Surprising Return

Only a day after posting on Facebook, there was some good news: the bike was returned by none other than the thieving teenagers!


Mel Flesher/Facebook

“Was on my way to get some breakfast just now leaving the complex and came across this,” she wrote. “The kids’ bike is back where it was along with an awesome note, a new lock, keys, full tank of gas and oil topped up! We are very happy and the kids will be EXTREMELY happy to hear the news! Thank you for doing the right thing!!! You sound like good kids!! We forgive you and hope this taught you a lesson.”

Thieves With A Conscience

Apparently, Flesher’s Facebook post touched the thieves’ hearts and moved them to action. With the bike, a heartwarming note was found.


Mel Flesher/Facebook

“Well, we should start by saying sorry for stealing your son’s bike. Although not an excuse, me and my friend figured it would belong to some teenager who had outgrown it. When we read your Facebook post we immediately knew we had to take it back to him,” wrote the teenagers.

“We’ve bought him a new, more secure lock as the previous one was already broken. We have filled the tank and topped up the oil for him. Again, we really are sorry for putting him through this. We wish you two the best in his journeys riding, and we hope you both can find it in your hearts to forgive us. Ride on, little man. You deserve it!”

A Lesson Learned

Flesher said after that she had no idea who these teenagers could be, but that she was actually moved to tears when she read their note.

So to summarize, stealing is bad. Recognizing a mistake and righting a wrong? That’s pretty great! Big shout-out to these kids that made a dumb decision but turned it into a reminder that there’s still some good in humanity!

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