Where you came from ?! Teen Misses Homecoming Due To Cancer, So The Party Comes To Him
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Teen Misses Homecoming Because Of Cancer, So His Friends Bring The Party To Him

Illness can rob us of important moments in life, and if you’re a teenager, those moments might include things like homecoming dances.

When this 17-year-old was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, missing his senior homecoming dance was a given. He’d have to stay in the hospital to be treated.

But when you’re a guy like Blake Mounts, the party just isn’t the same without you.



Surprise Homecoming

It was Blake’s 15-year-old sister, Taylor, who had the idea of bringing their homecoming dance to her brother, who she calls her “best friend.” She couldn’t stand for the fact that he’d be stuck in his hospital room while they were out having fun, so she got his friends involved.

Kaitlin O’Connor, a friend of both Taylor and Blake, helped plan the surprise. Here she is asking him to the dance. He said yes, of course!

“It was so amazing to see my brother so happy for the first time since he’s been in the hospital and it was the first time he got out of bed,” said Taylor.

Unless you’ve received a diagnosis like this, it’s hard to imagine the despair that might try to creep in. It’s the kindness of others through acts like these that keep us fighting for the rest of our good moments ahead.

Here is Blake’s classic homecoming picture with his date. When asked how it went, he said, “I guess you can say it was lit. It was three hours long.”



The girls had no idea their act of kindness would go viral, and surprisingly, those same strangers who retweeted the homecoming surprise have kept up with Blake’s progress.

Because of the following they’ve gained, it sparked an idea in Kaitlin to start a gofundme page to help raise money to cover Blake’s treatment. Donations are pouring in.



Kaitlin’s tweet of the homecoming photos has received over 300,000 likes so far. “It made me feel a little positive — I have a lot of people with my back.”

Fight hard, Blake. We’re with ya.

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