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The Drill Down

Tall Guys Have It Tough, And These Pics Absolutely Prove It



I know that shorter guys are always envious of taller guys because they “get the girls.” But taller guys will be the first to tell the shorter guys that they’re truly the lucky ones.

Things can get really awkward when you’re tall. Here are some pictures to prove it.


Oh, You Want A Photo Of Me?

That moment you go to the bathroom to snap her that photo she asked for but then realize you’re taller than the mirror.

Sorry, girl.

How About A Nice Bath? Or Not.

Forget baths when you’re tall, and you can rule out any type of romance involving one.

Tall people do not leave the bath feeling relaxed. There’s simply no leg room.


Tall Girls Have Problems Too

Tall girls have problems of their own. Take dressing rooms, for example. They don’t really cover what they’re supposed to cover.

Beware of peeping Toms.


Tall Person Travel Problems

Ever had to choose between head or knee comfort?

Public transportation can be difficult for taller guys. Standing leads to a pretty gnarly neck cramp and sitting leaves no room for the knees.


Feelin’ A Bit Parched? Too Bad.

Tall guys even have a difficult time staying hydrated.

For them, public water fountains take some skill to use. Tall guys can’t just bend over and drink like regular people.


There Is Such Thing As Too Tall

Ever felt sad over being too short to ride rides? At least you had something to look forward to.

Some guys are too tall to ride rides and shrinking isn’t a thing, so they’re doomed to a roller coaster-less life.


Remember The No Bath Rule? There’s Also A No Shower One It Seems

Tell me, how do tall people bathe if they’re too long for baths and too tall for showers?

At least the shower head reaches under the arms.


No Indoor Workouts

Tall people can’t workout inside like the rest of us.

This guy tried running on the family treadmill and found the only way it’d work is if his head was in the ceiling vent.


And Airplanes? Don’t Get Me Started.

Trips to the bathroom seem to be downright impossible for some tall men.

This guy really had to go while on an airplane. Here’s how that turned out.


If You Ever Meet A Man Who Is Tall And Also Clean, You’ve Found A Keeper

I’m really starting to wonder how taller men smell.

No wonder most swimmers are tall. The pool is the only place they can bathe.

The Drill Down

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The Drill Down

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The Drill Down

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