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Suri and I Rooted for Hillary Clinton, Says Katie Holmes

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the November elections sent shock waves reverberating around the world, and while there were screams of excitement from millions, there was the unmistakable gasp of pain and despair from millions as well. A few months into the Trump presidency, there are hordes that still haven’t got over that loss last year. One such person is Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri.

katie holmes

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Katie Holmes spoke on SiriusXM about the days leading up to the elections and the air of confidence surrounding Hillary Clinton’s run for office. She said that her daughter was sad and heartbroken because she had been hopeful that the Democrat would become the first female president of the United States of America.

In the lead up to the elections, Holmes had revealed that her 10-year-old daughter was a staunch supporter of the former First Lady. During the presidential debates, she shared that the pair would actually sit down to it together and watch as the discussions unfolded. She concluded that it was a time of shock to discover that Clinton couldn’t win the election despite a huge popular vote victory.

katie holmes

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Moving on to other matters, Holmes talked up the place of the woman in the current world. According to the actress, there is a need for women to support each other in every aspect of life. She believes that there are many out there that do not have the privileges some enjoy and that it is important for women to discover the influence they have on decision making and national conversations. She feels strongly about this issue, and one can see the reason- her daughter. The actress believes that girls need to grow up strong in order to realize their worth in a swift changing world. Katie Holmes and her daughter also shared a private moment with Clinton in 2015 after a small private dinner.

katie holmes

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America has been split right down the middle since the election of Donald Trump, with agonized protests taking place immediately after the November elections. Close to 70 days since the inauguration of Donald Trump, the country seems to be ill at ease with itself, with the president and his team enduring a barrage of criticism and having to hang on after a rocky start to an administration that promised to ‘Make America Great Again’. Despite that, celebrities and other high profile personalities have come forward to offer a message of hope to the people.

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