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IBC24 Anchor Supreet Kaur Reads Out News About Her Husband’s Death

Supreet Kaur interviewed a reporter about a car crash that resulted in three deaths. Little did know, one of the people who died was her husband.

Supreet Kaur read out her husband's death


Supreet Kaur has been maintaining her composure as she learns that she is telecasting a breaking news of her husband’s death. The staff of IBC24, in which Supreet Kaur has been anchoring for over nine years didn’t know that it was Harshad Kawade, Kaur’s husband, who was among the victims of the said fatal car accident.

It was Saturday, 10 AM when Supreet Kaur was delivering news in Chhattisgarh about a collision in Mahasamund that killed three people and injured two others. The local reporter did not mention any names of the victims. But when the reporter interviewed a police officer, this was the time when she learned that Kawade was one of the people who died from the accident.

Supreet Kaur


“There were five people in the Renault Duster vehicle that they were traveling in and another unidentified vehicle, most likely a truck, hit them from behind. The damage to the vehicle was terrible and three people died with two others grievously injured… (Kaur’s husband) Harshad Kawade, a Raipur resident, was one of them,” a police officer said.

Things made clearer when she found out that the vehicle was the one her husband’s team will be using to go to Mahasamund on that very day. “Even though the reporter on the ground did not give out names, the team could tell that she had found out. The production team had also just found out, but could not tell her as she was live on television,’’ a senior editor of IBC24 narrated to Indian Express.

Supreet Kaur


It was only after she kept on reading and learning more about the accident that she realized her husband was among the dead victims. However, Supreet Kaur kept her composure and carried on delivering the news for the next 10 minutes.  And as soon as the cameras went off, she broke down, called her relatives and the reporter, and went straight to the scene of the accident.

Kaur’s attitude toward the incident was being praised by her team and millions of viewers around the world. Her editor said, “It speaks volumes about her sense of duty and professionalism that she continued and kept her calm for another 10 minutes. Kaur has worked with us for nine years and is one of the most popular anchors in the state. We stand with our colleague in her pain.”

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