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5 Strange Things About Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Whirlwind Romance

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance might seem like a fairytale, but the royal lovebirds’ relationship has been anything but normal. From jet-setting dates to meeting the Queen, it’s been a crazy journey to their royal wedding this summer. Here are some of the strangest things about the unconventional romance.

They’re Related

They came from completely different worlds, but it turns out Meghan and Harry are actually cousins. A genealogist for the Daily Mail made the awkward discovery that the couple are distance cousins through a 15th Century ancestor of the Queen Mother. Their shared relative is the High Sheriff of County Durham Ralph Bowes, who Meghan is related to through her father’s side. It might be uncomfortable news, but as the royals are known for marrying their cousins it isn’t too shocking.

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Meghan’s Other Man

Harry and Meghan’s romance might seem like a fairytale, but the Suits star was allegedly dating someone else when they first met. Markle was reportedly in a relationship with celebrated Canadian chef Cory Vitiello for two years before they abruptly broke up in May 2016, around the same time she first met her prince. Did the prince do some scheming to get Vitiello out of the way for his royal romance to blossom?

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Cashing In?

Prince Harry and Meghan might have claimed to want privacy for their romance, but the actress has been accused of exploiting her royal connection. Not only did she hint at the royal romance on Instagram before it was made public, she also launched a clothing line the day it was revealed and discussed the romance in a gushing Vanity Fair interview. So much for privacy?


Divorce Controversy

Harry’s choice of bride definitely ruffled a few royal feathers. Not only is she American, she’s also a divorcee. Members of the British royal family aren’t often allowed to wed someone who has been married before. Meghan was married to fellow actor Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013. They split soon after she landed her role on Suits and former friends of Meghan have claimed it was down to her new celebrity status.


The Party Prince

Meghan might not be the ideal royal bride, but Harry isn’t exactly your typical prince. Before his romance with Markle, he was better known for wild partying and bad behavior. He even had nude photos leaked in 2012 after playing “strip billiards” in Las Vegas. Harry has repeatedly said he would rather not even be a royal, which we doubt went down well with his family. His dislike for the spotlight makes his engagement to a celebrity and over the top royal wedding all the more strange.

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