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Stockholm ‘Terrorist Attack’ Kills at Least Four

Four people lay dead on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, as a man drove a truck into masses of people and finally into a department store. Police officials say that the incident is more likely an act of terrorism than an ordinary crime.

tribute to the victims of Stockholm terror attack

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The truck was first driven into the busy street of Drottninggatan Shopping district in Stockholm before it was rammed into the side of Ahlens store. Security cameras as well as bystanders from around the area have captured the event as people panicked and scramble for their lives.

The incident happened at around 3 PM (local time) wherein foot traffic in Stockholm is usually heavy. The truck barreled through the streets, ramming just about anyone who crosses its path. As one eyewitness describes it as like “driving through paper”.

Aftermath of Stockholm Truck Attack

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The vehicle that was used for the attack was a truck that was earlier reported to have been stolen. Little did the owner know that his truck will be used in a terror attack. After the incident, major roads, subway, and the parliament were immediately shut down as a preventive measure.

In a press conference that was conducted by the local police, the authorities claimed that they are on a manhunt for a suspect that was last seen wearing a green hoodie and had a mustache and beard. A video footage from a security camera has caught a man walking casually wearing the green hooded jacket with a beard and mustache. The man is now wanted for questioning is still on the loose. An hour into the attack a suspect has been arrested and another person is still on the run.

suspect in the Stockholm attack

The Guardian

The attack has been seen as a part of a new strategy used by terrorists to cause chaos and destruction. Experts call it as “low tech soft target terrorism”. This means of causing terror has been observed in many occasions such as the attacks in London, Berlin and in France.

Until now no organization has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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