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Spotify Lines Up ‘New Gig’ For Obama

In less than 2 weeks, Barack Obama will be leaving his position as the president of the United States of America. While the Democrats did not win this election, the president has remained upbeat, even reaching out to help the president-elect’s team with the transition process, a move that has drawn plaudits across the board. It has always been believed that the incumbent is generally cold if the incoming party is different, but little seems to have ruffled Obama; he goes about his job as calm and collected as ever before, and plenty of Americans have found that settling and reassuring.


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Anyway, as with every outgoing president, there is always the talk of what people should do after their two terms. Since 6 months ago, there have been plenty of hilarious jokes about what the president might choose to do after this month, and let’s just say that the pedigree of memes has been right up there. The president himself seems torn between plenty of things, but what we know for sure is that he will be sticking around DC for a year or so. He has also strongly suggested that he might choose to remain on the political landscape after leaving office. In what capacity, it is unknown as yet.


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Turns out that Spotify has things lined up for the soon-to-be former president. In a light-hearted post, the streaming giant advertised a job for a position they called President of Playlists.

Apparently, to qualify for the job, you need to have won the Nobel Prize, have a little background in creating playlists and of course have a great sense of charm offensive. Sounds like a rather straight forward ad, right? While there is no mention of names in there, we know for sure that the outgoing president is the target in this case. Looks like the Chicago native won’t need to look around for too long.


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Obama seems to be taking the changes that come with leaving office in stride, and there is already talk of him forming a foundation in the mold of the one belonging to former president, Bill Clinton. He is also expected to to open his own library, as most other former presidents have done. The location is expected to be in and about Chicago, although the final details have not been hashed out as yet.

Spotify seems to have borrowed from an earlier quip from the president, when he said he was waiting on a ‘call’ from the company for a job opening.

Would you accept the job if you were President Obama? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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