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So Far, Trump’s Travel Has Cost Taxpayers $21.6 Million

President Donald Trump made a big deal of not taking a salary as president but that does not mean he is not costing the United States tax payers anything. He typically jets down to his Florida resort, Mar-A-Lago, each weekend and has even dubbed the site “White House South.” The problem is that securing the private space, which is right off the coast in Florida is costing the tax payers a lot of money.

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In the six weeks since Trump took office, the costs for his travel have risen to $21.6 million. Should he keep this amount of spending for security at this level, during his first year in office he will cost the taxpayers about as much as was spent for all eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency.

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The spending on Trump’s travel does not fit with the president’s call for austerity in government spending.

The amount of money that needs to be spent to accommodate Trump’s travel seems to be at odds with the statements he has made about the need for “belt tightening” in the U.S. budget. These costs are also ironic given the amount of criticism he leveled against Obama for his travel. During Obama’s eight years in the White House, his travel bill grew to $97 million. If Trump keep his travel up at the level it is now, he will have cost U.S. taxpayers about $187.2 million during his first year alone. That is almost double what Obama’s travel cost in his entire time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

While Trump’s travel is costing millions, the president has also put forth serious cuts to non-defense spending. The cuts he has proposed equal about $54 billion. He has proposed cutting the budgets for the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Education, to name a few.

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 John Kelly, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security said, “They need a lot more agents, not just because of the Trump era, although that is additional because he has a lot of children and grandchildren. We need more agents and we need more uniformed personnel.”

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