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5 Quick Sheldon Cooper Facts That Will Make You Smile

Who is the first person you think of when the hit show The Big Bang Theory is mentioned? Chances are pretty good that it’s going to be Sheldon Cooper. Despite his (self-described) superior intellect, Sheldon has problems relating to others that gets him into plenty of funny situations. Check out these funny and interesting things you don’t know about Sheldon.

Where Was He Was Born?


Most fans know that Sheldon has a fraternal twin sister named Missy. What they don’t realize is that they were both born in a Walmart in Galveston, Texas. Missy (along with Sheldon’s older brother) is described by their mother as “dumb as soup.” Despite being the polar opposite of Sheldon in personality, she says she’s still proud of him and likes to brag about her “rocket scientist” brother.

Those Three Knocks


We all know that if Sheldon is at your door, he’s going to knock three times and call your name three times. What most don’t know is why. When Sheldon was 13, he walked in on his father in a compromising position with another woman. He’s knocked three times before entering a room ever since.

A Secret Message


Sheldon’s wardrobe of choice is a vintage or geeky-themed t-shirt layered over a long-sleeved shirt. He often wears different colored shirts bearing the Green Lantern logo. In the mythology of that comic book character, each color represents a different emotion. Red stands for rage, blue is hope, indigo is passion, and so forth. Chances are good that the color of the shirt will reflect the emotion Sheldon is feeling.

Not So Mild-Mannered


Sheldon may seem like any other mild-mannered theoretical physicist, but he does have a criminal record. He has had not one but two restraining orders filed against him.  The first was filed by Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in Star Trek. The second was by Stan Lee, the creator (or co-creator) of most of Marvel’s superheroes.

The Bees Knees


Sheldon has many peculiarities that make his character unique. He has a strict adherence to routine and hygiene, as well as many fears and allergies. Bees are one of the things he is both allergic to and frightened of. It’s ironic, then, that in 2012, biologists discovered a new bee species in Brazil and named it the euglossa bazinga after Sheldon’s favorite word.

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