Where you came from ?! Video Shows 100-Year-Old Couple Sharing Their 80th Anniversary
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Tearjerker Alert! Viral Video Shows 100-Year-Old Couple Sharing A Moment On Their 80th Anniversary

True love is a bond that can never be broken. No matter how many years pass, a couple that is meant to be together will make it through any obstacle.

Not too many couples can say they stood the test of time — let alone almost an entire century.

One couple from New York recently celebrated their 80th anniversary. A moment captured by their grandson is nothing short of magical!

Arthur And Marcia Jacobs Have Been Together Since College

Arthur Jacobs met his wife Marcia Jacobs while attending the University of Wisconsin. During World War II, Jacobs, now 105 years old, worked for the War Manpower Commission in Washington D.C. while his now 100-year-old wife Marcia was a social work director.

Wisconsin Alumni Association

The couple lived in Larchmont, New York for most of their marriage. They now reside in Rye, New York.

Marcia Jacobs has been in the hospital recently, but that didn’t stop her husband from celebrating their 80th anniversary.

A special moment between these two lovebirds was captured by their grandson Gabe Jacobs — and you don’t want to miss the video!

Marcia’s Memory Has Been Declining

The night before their 80th anniversary, Gabe Jacobs captured a clip of his grandparents’ undying love. In the video, Arthur holds his wife’s hand.

“I’ve loved you for 80 years, honey. That’s a lot of time,” he states.

Gabe Jacobs

Marcia has a hard time identifying her surroundings, and all she is heard saying in the clip is “hello, hello.”

Despite her lack of understanding of what’s going on, the next moment warms everyone’s heart!

Her Next Move Speaks Volumes

Marcia Jacobs tenderly kisses Arthur’s hand, as if to say that she truly understands and loves him too.

The video has gone insanely viral, and there’s no question as to why. This couple is definitely the epitome of everlasting love, in sickness and in health.

Gabe Jacobs

The couple’s grandson was taken aback by the moment of pure love he witnessed, despite the unfortunate circumstances.

“Arthur is a beautiful man and so incredibly in love with Marcia. You can tell how sad he is that she is no longer really here,” Gabe Jacobs stated.

There’s no denying that these two are meant to be, and their grandson couldn’t be more proud.

“Proud to have descended from these superhumans,” he admitted.

Watch his couple’s heartwarming anniversary moment below!

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