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10 Seemingly Normal Pictures That No One Can Make Sense Of

Scientists and photographers have taken shots of nothing in particular, only to discover bizarre features about those photos that leave them baffled for years.

Everyday moms and dads have snapped quick candids of their families, only to be haunted by details within those pictures that they can’t seem to explain.

Judge these photos for yourself, and see if you’re left just as stumped.


The Woman On Mars

A couple years back, NASA released images taken by the Mars rover. This particular photo went viral because of a dark womanly figure seen lingering in the background.

NASA said it’s a rock, yet in the other photos covering this area, that “rock” is gone.


The Man-Sized Grasshopper


Scientists say it’s impossible for grasshoppers to grow bigger than three inches, yet this photo (taken in 1937 in Montana) seems to defy that fact.

Since photo editing tools didn’t exist in 1937, there are two explanation for this: someone edited it later or this grasshopper somehow mutated his genes.


The Impossibly Perfect Crop Circle


Crop circles are patterns either flattened or cut into crop fields. They’re usually so perfect that they leave people baffled as to how they can be achieved overnight without some sort of machinery.

This particular crop circle was found in 2016 and is still unexplained.


The Phoenix Lights

On March 13, 1997, these bizarre lights–later dubbed “The Phoenix Lights”–appeared in the sky. The lights glowed so bright and moved faster than any aircraft ever seen.

The government said it was an army experiment, while others believe that’s just a cover-up.


Wait, Is This Hell?

These lava formations in the Kilauea volcano of Hawaii have become quite famous for their eerie resemblance to corpses trying to claw their way out of a hellish pit.

…and there has been no other volcano like this one. Is it possibly the entryway to hell?


Hang Man

This photo has been in circulation since the 1950s. A man by the name of Mr. Cooper snapped this shot of his wife, grandma and two sons at the dinner table.

Weeks later, after the film was developed, Mr. Cooper claimed to be frightened by the hanging man that wasn’t supposed to be there.


That Strange Light


This image was taken on Mars by a NASA rover named Curiosity. The strange light seen in the photo has hyped up UFO lovers all over the globe.

NASA refuses to comment on it.


Back From The Dead

Freddy Jackson served in the Victor Goddard RAF Squadron during WWI. Just a few days before the squadron was scheduled to head home, Freddy walked into an airplane’s propeller and died.

The squadron gathered for a photo on their last day together, just hours after Freddy’s funeral. Each member was given a copy of the photo afterwards and could not believe what they saw. Freddy had joined the team one last time.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Though photographic reflection tricks have made images go viral before, it’s been hard to get past this one in particular. This little girl seems to have an alter ego–a very creepy one.


The Mystery Sea Creature

In 1964, there was a French photographer named Robert Serrec on the bank of a beach in Queensland, Australia.

He took this picture after screeching over what looked to him like a giant snake slithering in the shallows of the sea floor. The creature has yet to be identified.

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