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Scott Disick Caught Surprisingly Cozy with a Model in Miami

While most people expected some fresh drama to be spurred by photographs of Scott Disick getting really up close and personal with a brunette model in Miami, Kourtney simply waved away the photographs with an uncharacteristic indifference. The downright raunchy photos of the two flooded the internet after Disick and the model from Philadelphia, one Jessica Harris or J. Lynne, were caught being more than cordial around a swimming pool in Miami.

A lot of the pictures showed the two of them getting comfortable around each other and at one point, the bikini-clad Harris was seen wrapping her legs around Kourtney’s long-time ex-boyfriend. The two were clearly having a good time frolicking around in the water and lighting up a few cigarettes.

Although none of the pictures explicitly showed Scott Disick kissing the model on the lips, there were more than a few shots of him kissing her neck in a more than the friendly manner in what has been termed a casual day at the pool for the two.

Harris was not very thrilled about the publicity, and she expressed herself with tweets about how Miami was too much in the public’s eye and the fact that she preferred keeping her business to herself.

Perhaps the reason why most people expected drama is because lately Disick and Kourtney have been more than amicable. They have been spotted going to family events and taking vacations together, something that most people speculate is being done for the sake of their three children: Penelope, Mason, and Reign.

And although Kourtney has not been seen recently in the arms of another man, she has been having her fair share of fun based on photos that she posted on Instagram, which gave her fans a sneak peek into her Costa Rican holiday.


A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Despite Kourtney’s and Disick’s controversial trip to Cabo San Lucas which tabloids reported that the two were using to rekindle their lost love, it seems like nothing of the sort happened and that the two, although still amicable as ever, will never be as close as they had been during their 9-year-long relationship which ended in July 2015.

As for the thing with Harris, it appears to be no more than a fun day at the pool for Disick. Whether the two will pop into the limelight again is anyone’s guess at this point.

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