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Saving the Beaches: Company Creates Beer Bottle Sand Machine

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For decades, sand has been used to create things such as glass, sandpaper, concrete, and mortar. As the rise of infrastructure projects continues, so does the demand for sand. As a result, the sand mining industry has nearly doubled.

Thanks to the disintegration of natural sand, sand mining has begun to dissipate two-thirds of the Earth’s shorelines. Sand mining is destroying beaches, lakes, and streams, as well as, causing erosion. Countries across the globe have seen a continental shift in natural sand supply.

A Sad Scene

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New Zealand, a country outlined by a beautiful coastline, has seen the adverse effects of sand mining. One company that has decided to find a solution is DB Export Beer. The Auckland-based brewery has created a beer bottle sand machine, that has been installed in bars and restaurants across the region.

The DB Export Beer Bottle Sand Machine allows patrons to recycle their beer bottles and then immediately turns them into sand. In five seconds the machine grinds down the labels and silica dust to produce a sand substitute, killing two environmental faux pauxs with one stone.

A New Hope

The machine prevents glass bottles from being tossed into landfills. Glass can take up to 1,000,000 years to disintegrate which can become harmful to lakes, streams, and habitats. In addition, the glass grinding machine also offers an alternative to the sand mining industry.

DB Export’s beer bottle sand will be given to various construction and manufacturing companies that depend on sand mining to make their products. In addition, the company will offer the sand to different regions that are working on infrastructure projects.

Currently, the machines are only available in New Zealand. However, as the sand mining issue continues to grow, eco-friendly businesses and advocate groups, such as the Georgia Recycling Coalition, have praised the beer company’s effort to save their country’s beaches.

An Homage to Innovation

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As the machine’s popularity begins to rise, communities along the shorelines may begin to see their beaches filled with sand again. Coastal habitats will begin to be restored and sand mining could become nothing more than a bad memory—all because one company decided to think outside of the box.

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