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5-Year-Old Is Making Rounds on Social Media After Saving Mom’s and Baby Sister’s Life

5-year-old Sal Cicalese saw her mom lying in the bathtub, looking lifeless. Thinking that her mom is dead, he immediately took care of his baby sister and went straight to his neighbor.

Sal Cicalese

Salvatore Cicalese from San Tan Valley was named “honorary fighter” for saving his mom and two-month-old baby sister. His mom, Kaitlyn, was in the shower when she had a seizure attack. It was when she blacked out on the tub when Sal found her, looking as if she’s dead. The little boy then mistook the scene that his month is dead. He soon panicked and asked for help.

Before leaving the house, he wrapped his baby sister in a blanket and picked her up. And then the five-year-old went to his closest neighbor and sought help, still clutching the baby.

Sal's neighbor Jessica Penoyer


Jessica Penoyer, Cicalese’s neighbor, opened the door and saw little Sal. She recalls, “He’s standing there and he’s holding something and I thought it was a doll.” But then Sal spoke the unimaginable to Jessica, “My mom died in the shower. Can you take care of us?”

Penoyer instantly dialed 911 and reported what happened to Sal’s mother. Rescuers found Kaitlyn in the bathtub lying with the shower still running. Luckily, Kaitlyn is not dead and got immediate medical assistance.

“Honestly he saved my life. I was under the faucet. If he wouldn’t have gotten help, I would I would have drowned,” Kaitlyn told ABC 15. Kaitlyn said her son found the incident traumatic. “Every day is a challenge for us. He asks me a billion times if I’m going to be okay. He’ll tell me ‘are you going to have another seizure,’ no I’m ok. Are you going to die today? No, I’m not going to die today,” said Cicalese.

Sal Cicalese and his 2-month-old baby sister


Firefighters drove to Sal’s home and offered the little boy with an honorary firefighter and other memorabilia. “Rural Metro fire wants to recognize you as an honorary firefighter. You get to join the ranks of all these guys that came to help your mom,” fire spokesman Shawn Gilleland told Sal.

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