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Ryan Seacrest Might Once Again Host American Idol

The reality singing competition, American Idol may have aired its “farewell season” last year but apparently, it is only bidding farewell to the FOX network. ABC now has a deal in place with producers FreemantleMedia and Core Media group to revive the much-loved American singing competition in March 2018 and Ryan Seacrest may still be the one to host it.

Ryan Seacrest

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While it is much easier and less complicated to run the show without Seacrest taking into account his packed schedule – understatement of the century, especially now that he has a full-time show (“Live”) as co-host to Kelly Ripa in New York, TMZ reported that Fremantle has always wanted Seacrest to host the American Idol reboot.

Last week, ABC asked Freemantle if the reality show can be shot in New York to make it more possible for Seacrest to host it. However, Freemantle said that the show needed to be shot in Los Angeles.

ryan seacrest

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Given this condition, there is only one way the multi-talented host Seacrest can host American Idol during the 10-week-period that the show is live — Ryan would need to go back and forth from New York to LA on a very tight schedule.

TMZ plotted what the schedule of Seacrest would be like during this time:

  • Thursdays – Ryan would do “Live” with Kelly and pre-tape the Friday show. Thereafter, Ryan would fly early Thursday afternoon to L.A. so he has Friday to prepare for American Idol.
  • Sundays – Ryan would host ‘Idol’ live at 8:00 pm ET then leave at 7:00 pm for NYC arriving at around 3:00 am ET.
  • Mondays – Ryan would do “Live” at 9:00 am and thereafter fly for a second trip to L.A. at around noontime so he can land between 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm—enough time to shoot the results at 5:00 pm. By 7:00 pm Ryan would need to head back to NYC.
  • Tuesdays – Ryan would arrive in NYC at around 3:00 am ET. He would then host the “Live” show at 9:00 am.

Ryan Seacrest

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It is important to note, however, that this plan can only work if ABC agrees to let American Idol air on Sundays. Apparently, the network is planning for it to air on Mondays to compete with “The Voice.”

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