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How The Success Of ‘Roseanne’ Can Alter Network TV For Years To Come

After 21 years, Roseanne is back on the air. Luckily for ABC, the show’s revival season has proven to be a massive (if unexpected) success so far. With the season premiere gaining 18 million viewers, Hollywood is in a state of confusion about what to do next.

Back To Reality

Roseanne is the first major TV series to really tackle current issues from the perspective of a Trump supporter. The sitcom managed to do this with perfect execution. ABC aren’t strangers to injecting real-world issues in their shows. Black-ish has been tackling issues such as the Presidential election, racism, and police brutality.


In fact, ABC is the only network brave enough to do such a thing. Many are hoping that other shows aim towards having a much more realistic setting.

My Old Friend

The success of the Roseanne revival also means that fans love seeing beloved characters return. Over the years, reboots or fan favorite shows have seen great success. In 2017, Will & Grace, Twin Peaks, and Prison Break have returned to huge ratings.


In comparison to new programs, reboots often bring back many older viewers. While it might not benefit the coveted 18 to 34 year old demographic, it can still aid in the ratings game. Out of its 18 million viewers, Roseanne‘s season premiere drew 13 million viewers ages 49 and over.

Still Got It

Having seasoned players on and off the screen helps a lot. Roseanne Barr hasn’t done much on TV since the original series ended in 1997. Over the years, she’s been gaining publicity for her failed 2012 presidential campaign and her tweets. Controversy does create cash, but for ABC, they knew the comedian had the talent to back it up.


Many networks often pass on old faces because they’re looking towards the future. There are plenty of stars from years past that can still draw numbers if used properly.

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