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Robert Rodriguez Set to Direct ‘Escape from New York’ Remake

A remake of the 1981 post-apocalyptic action film Escape from New York is in the works. Sin City’s Robert Rodriguez will direct, while Luther creator Neil Cross has been hired to write the screenplay.

The director of the original cult-classic, John Carpenter, will return as executive producer. According to Deadline, he will have a “big say in the tone of the project.”

Escape from New York is the second Carpenter film to get a scheduled remake within the last few months. Back in February, Variety reported David Gordon Green was hired to direct the remake of Halloween, which was first created by Carpenter in 1978. Funny man Danny McBride is also set to write the script.

Carpenter was so excited about Green and Mcbride’s vision for the remake that he offered to consult them on the project and even suggested composing the music on has Facebook page. Carpenter scored the original Halloween film, as he did many of his movies, including Escape from New York.

Turning the property into a franchise with multiple sequels seems to be the end game. Casting for the remake has yet to be announced, but names like Gerard Butler and Josh Brolin have been thrown around over the years to replace Kurt Russell as Snake Plisskin.

In the original, Russell’s iconic character was dropped into a crime-ridden version of New York in 1997, which at the time was 16 years in the future. Due to high crime rates, the United States government turned Manhattan into a maximum-security prison.

Plisskin, a former soldier, has 24 hours to find the President of the United States, who has been captured by inmates after Air Force One crashes in the island prison.

A less successful sequel, Escape from L.A., was released in 1996 and ended with lights out for the entire planet. Meanwhile, Russell will soon appear in both The Fate of the Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Check out the trailers below.

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