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The Right Fights Back Against Jared

The knives have been out in the Trump White House for a while now. The place has been compared to the television series, Game of Thrones. Now it appears, the rift between senior advisors Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner have reached a boiling point. Going against President Donald Trump’s son in law has not been seen as a smart move at all. Throughout the campaign, staff members who challenged Kushner were quickly show the door. Now it seems, some on the right are poised to fight back.

The White House

The White House

Now that Bannon looks to be headed out, he has reportedly threatened to quit at least a few times. The thing is that he has a base of support in some very powerful places, namely the right wing media. They are not ready to see him leave the White House. They see him as the reason people take their views seriously at all.

At the heart of the conflict between the two members of the West Wing staff is a real ideological rift. Bannon is a strict nationalist while Kushner is a more moderate influence. When it comes to policy, Kushner is winning the battle. He wanted to strike Syria, Bannon did not.

The media on the right stand by Bannon.

Roger Stone, a longtime Trump supporter, lamented to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, “Jared Kushner, perhaps the one presidential aide who cannot be fired, is now in regular text message communications with [MSNBC host] Joe Scarborough.” This is a big no-no for people on the right. Despite being a former GOP congressman, many people on the right view Scarborough as a “RINO” or “Republican In Name Only.”

For his part, conservative radio host, Mark Levin, also sees problems with Kushner’s influence in the White House. Earlier this week, he tweeted:

Even conservative Ann Coulter seems to have bolted from the president’s side as a consequence of his elevation of his son in law. She told the Daily Beast, I have no idea what’s going on in the White House (and am disinclined to believe news reports on internal clashes), but it’s never a good day for the president when the public is reminded that he hired his SON IN LAW, no matter how talented Jared is. Bobby Kennedy was pretty impressive, too, and even the press removed its nose from JFK’s butt long enough to denounce him for hiring his brother.” She followed that up with this Tweet:

It is clear that Kushner has the ear and the back of the president. What is not clear is how that will change as he right wing media begins its real work against him and for Bannon.

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