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These Ridiculous Selfies Have Humanity Worried for the Future

People have always done crazy things. Every time we think our race couldn’t possibly top itself in terms of stupidity, some new ridiculous fad spreads like wild fire and sows fresh new seeds of idiocy. Are we really such intelligent beings? The selfie may be one of the strongest pieces of evidence to the contrary. People around the world have gotten into a competition over who can get the most Likes on social media by placing him or herself into the most dangerous and dumb situations–then capturing it on camera. Whether you’re pro-selfie-taker or not, you’ll be highly entertained by the following examples. Without further ado, we give you 40 of the most ridiculous selfies ever taken!

The Hanging-On-For-Dear-Life Selfie

Free Running is an extreme form of Parkour and it has since become pretty darn popular among daredevils everywhere—especially those with a camera. One of the most well-known and fearless free runners is James Kingston and he took selfies to a whole other level with this scary photo.


Performing his signature one-handed hang, Kingston took this selfie from the South Bank Tower in London. Kingston explained that his stunts are very thoughtfully carried out, with safety being a top consideration. He describes his escapades as more of a mental challenge than a brush with death.

 The About-to Hurt Selfie

When Kelly Nash, a Tampa Bay Rays sideline sports reporter, took this selfie, she had no idea what was coming her way. At a baseball practice game at Fenway Park, she innocently took out her camera to take a cool selfie with the field in the background.


This is exactly the risk of taking a moment to admire yourself with an instant self-portrait: you forget to pay attention to the world around you. As is demonstrated in the photo, the world is chaotic, full of perils and can send flying objects straight toward your head.

I Just Got Stabbed Selfie

Don’t you just hate getting stabbed? And on a Monday of all days? This girl sure wasn’t too happy about it. She uploaded a teary, mascara-running selfie next to her fresh and yet-unattended knife wound. But not for nothing—57 thumbs up is no small feat.


What’s hilarious in this photo, though, apart from the absurd fact that it was ever made, is the caption underneath: “Talk about a rough Monday lol.” LOL? No, seriously—LOL? You just hashtagged “cantfeelmyleg,” stop LOLing and go to the freaking hospital!

Uncool with Coolio

It’s very exciting for some people to take a selfie with a real live celebrity. So much so, that some can’t keep it together and lose their cool. This young lady was so excited to spot rapper Coolio that she forgot she was holding a drink.


During their momentous selfie, this fan unwittingly tilted her drink so that the sticky yellow fluid flowed freely onto the famous rapper’s T-shirt. Coolio somehow kept his cool but didn’t seem too pleased with the situation.

Fire Selfie

What, why, what’s the point? What could possibly make an individual think that lighting his hoodie on fire and snapping a mirror selfie would be in some way rewarding? This genius got so bored with snapping mirror poses that he decided to turn it into an extreme sport.


It seems to be part of  something going around the web named the Selfie Olympics, in which individuals with no inclination or talent for anything else compete for the most idiotic way of taking a selfie while risking injury and possibly death.

Captain Selfie

You have to admit that this selfie is one of the coolest. During the 2015 Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade, one guy took the selfie to new heights of inventiveness, meticulousness, and downright awesomeness. It almost looks Photoshopped, but it’s not.

While everyone is partying on the boats at the edges of the canal, this guy takes off on a water jet-pack, dressed in a full colonel suit, with one hand clasping a ship’s steering wheel and the other wielding a selfie stick.

Wrong Time For A Selfie

It’s hard at first to get what’s seriously messed up with this selfie, but the closer you look and the more you know, the more mind-bogglingly tactless this selfie seems to become. This woman decided that some moments are just too precious to go uncaptured.

Way behind her, on the ledge of the bridge, is a suicidal person threatening to haul himself into the ocean, while a bunch of people try to talk him down. You know what they say: tragedy for some, selfie for others.


This woman’s trip to the zoo was supposed to end with an ice cream cone and an adorable selfie with a furry animal. However, this camel doesn’t pose for nobody. He ain’t Rose from Titanic. So when this woman tried to snap a freebie, guess what—he stepped up.


The click came just as the desert beast got a sideways grip on the woman’s head, creating a legendary selfie that will echo throughout eternity as a stern warning to all selfie-taking zoogoers—don’t pet your ego in front of the wild animals.

The Catch-Me-If-You-Can Selfie

No one said that making a freaking legendary selfie is a walk in the park. Kayleigh Hill realized this when she planned one of the most viral selfies ever. In the 2013 College World Series baseball game, she stormed the field and then waited for the right moment.


The ground crew immediately sprang into action, not taking kindly to the young lady’s insta-fame ambitions. Little did they know that it was all part of her plan, and right as they were about to get a good grip on her, she snapped a legend. Respect.

The Wild-Bear-in-the-Background Selfie

How far would you go for an epic selfie? How much would you sacrifice? Would you, for example, risk being torn to shreds by an untamed bear in order to get some likes on social media? This happy camper sure thought it was worth it.


Never turn your back on a bear. Seriously. This is the A and B of bear encounters. The C is never ever concentrate on taking a selfie when a wild bear is just right there behind you. While they may look chubby and cute, bears run super fast and can be on you in a matter of seconds.

The Classic I’m-Gonna-Crash-into-the-Ocean-in-a-Ball-of-Fire Selfie

When your plane starts to fill up with smoke and you’re facing certain death, there are a number of ways to react. Some message their loved ones, some bawl into the headrest in front of them, and some down their duty-free liquor in a panic.


However, some see it as an opportunity to stay calm and take an epic selfie, one that might properly honor the passengers’ memory. This dude figured that the few minutes he had left to live were just too precious to go uncaptured and gave us this unforgettable selfie.

 The Selfie Philanthropist

Let’s all bask in this heart-warming moment together. Just let it in—there is still sympathy in this world. This young cub-scout decided to stop being just another bystander and realized it was time to involved. Hopefully, for every like that this photo gets, a homeless man will get a warm meal.


This ridiculous selfie was taken in 2013 by a dude named Christian Castro and has since been featured on many sites as one of the dumbest selfies ever taken. It is at least a good sign that people recognize that there is something not quite right with this incredibly-privileged selfie.

Birth of a Selfie

Malik loves his teacher dearly. She bestowed wisdom upon him, she made him grow as a human being. So, as she’s painfully contracting, he decides to grant her the gift of viral fame. Was that on the baby shower registry?


Over 30,000 people retweeted this post, if only to express a collective excitement for a newborn baby about to enter a world with no social boundaries. And as for the teacher, you can tell from the picture how she’s just basking in her fame.

Kicked-By-A-Train Selfie

If ever there were a selfie fail, this one’s it. This brave explorer was venturing on the road to Machu Picchu, Peru, when he decided that he shan’t forget the moment, so he took out his phone and got into a ready position for the perfect photograph.


However, once the camera was pointed at his head, a local train snuck up on him at the fortunately-low speed of 17 mph, and a mysterious foot smacked him in the chin, completely ruining a good selfie and a good day.

Granny Got Likes

This beaming little teen can’t contain himself at this time of great tragedy. Granny is lying in the casket; Mom is broken; Dad is trying to put on a brave face. But you know what would be absolutely hilarious?


That’s right guys, SELFIE TIME! Let’s see how many likes a funeral can get—I mean, after all, that’s pure comedy, right? This selfie, which might be one of the dumbest of all time, is a good wake-up call for us all.

Solidarity Selfie

It’s important to bond with your baby, but it might just be that this father went over the top. In what is hopefully a Halloween costume, the father is chilling with his son, demonstrating to the world that even diapers can be cool if approached with the right attitude.


That’s right—the shades, the swag, the posture—these two diapered dudes definitely keep it gangsta. The only question left to ask is, in case of an accident, who changes who? Well, whatever it might be, apparently the mother is left handling these two babies.

The Crime Selfie

On September 28th, 2015, John Mogan posted what could possibly be the most self-incriminating photo ever. This man did not come about this cash by any legal means. Rather, he and his girlfriend went armed into an Ohio bank demanding money.

Rather than take the money and run, they took tons of photos and actually posted them on Facebook for the entire world to see. This selfie and others eventually led police to the suspects and put the pair promptly behind bars.

Space Selfie

Almost anything these days makes people take out their phones and take a selfie. Whether it’s a celebrity in the background or just a squirrel, people feel compelled to snap a souvenir for us and for humanity.


But how many people get to float out in space and snap a photo, just them and our entire freaking planet? This immortal selfie was taken by astronaut Aki Hoshide while he was having a blast on the International Space Station.

The I’m-Sorry-Officer Selfie

Apparently, the old ways of getting out of a ticket are no longer relevant. No “my wife is having a baby,” no “my dad is on the force—”. Nope. Today, tickets are paid with Likes, and who in his right mind would give up the opportunity to go viral?


When this kid gets pulled over, he doesn’t flounder. Like a pro, he goes straight for his phone and prepares to take an epic selfie. However, the police officer doesn’t seem to be pleased, but rather greets the teenager with the most dumbfounded expression ever.

The McCartney-and-Buffet Selfie

What in God’s great kingdom are the chances? This kid from Omaha, Nebraska just happened to walk by an innocent-looking bench when he suddenly spotted not one, but two, unrelated icons just hanging out: Beatles legend Paul McCartney and businessman Warren Buffett, who is one of the richest people on Earth.


What were the famous Beatle and the legendary business guru doing on the same bench in Nebraska? It’s not clear, but what’s for certain is that this kid didn’t spend much time thinking about it. Like a pro, he took out his phone and immediately snapped a pic of his two new buddies.

Nature’s Revolt

This is not the first time that nature stood up to the selfies. Perhaps, it was because they are unnatural and disturbing. No one, however, was ever a more brave and fierce a champion of the anti-selfie cause than this admirable squirrel.


After the human snapped an unsolicited selfie with what he thought was just an adorable squirrel, this furry pioneer took matters into its own hands. By sinking his front teeth into the man’s back, the squirrel was really trying to remind humanity of one of the seven deadly sins—vanity.

Bull-Run Selfie

Hey man, a bull is about to put his horn up your behind, drop the phone and concentrate on getting out of its way, for Pete’s sake. When exactly did taking a cool selfie become a death—worthy activity; when did this become our new Everest?


This guy certainly doesn’t seem to be thinking enough about the wild bull chasing him, but rather is concentrating on the number of shares and likes he might be able to get in case he doesn’t get gored into the afterlife.

Rear Window

At first glance, this seems like just another ordinary, run-of-the-mill, albeit a bit stiff, selfie. But a closer look at the window in the background reveals a lot more than the artist intended. Yup, it’s a real “bummer” when you upload a selfie and realize that you haven’t paid enough attention to what was in the background.


It’s quite clear what was the aim here with this selfie. Put on a leather jacket, make a tough-guy face, and click-bam-boom—you got yourself a badass picture (no pun intended). Imagine his response when the likes and shares started coming in.

Sleeping Beauty Selfie

This lady wanted people to think she had some romance in her life and she was not about to wait for for the right guy to show up. So, she grabbed her phone and snapped an adorable and “authentic” photo of herself sleeping like an angel.


She’s adorable when she’s sleeping and the world had to know. However, she didn’t count on the mirror behind her reflecting the cold harsh reality that at the end of the day she was completely alone, just her and her desire for Likes.

Baby’s First Selfie

When this woman was in labor, her husband, Gil Solano, thought it was high time to take a wide-smile selfie. In the background, his wife is seen making super-human efforts to successfully perform the miracle of life.


The pic went viral instantly and stirred some debates regarding the difference between men and women. Gil, though, assured everyone that the pic was taken with the full consent and collaboration of his wife, and that it was all done with humor.

The Presidential-Screw-Up Selfie

This is maybe one of the most famous tasteless selfies to have ever been captured. Within the frame are some of the most powerful people in the world: U.S President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.


What makes this epic selfie cringeworthy is the fact that it was taken during the funeral of none-other than one of the most respected humanitarians, revolutionaries, and politiciansever—Nelson Mandela. At least Michelle Obama had the good sense to snub this unseemly selfie.

 Shark Selfie

Jesus Christ! Didn’t this guy ever see the movie Jaws? While one of the most fearsome monsters of the ocean is lurking behind him, jaws wide open, ready to devour him in one fell swoop, this guy is concentrating on taking the perfect selfie.


With people dying left and right, all around the world, while trying to take original selfies, is it really smart to go for a selfie like this? That dude is not even protected in any way—this is definitely one of the dumbest selfies ever taken.

ER Selfie

Every one of us, at one point or another, has taken a selfie at work. But as opposed to this young lady, we don’t have people dying on our work desk, unless we happen to be sneaking a peak at the latest episode of Game of Thrones.


Lying behind her on the operation table is a patient who’s undergoing what seems to be nothing less than a triple bypass. Concerned doctors surround the patient in a state of full concentration, while this genius here thinks it’s high time to pose for a selfie.

Royal Screw-Up Selfie

Yet another case of an amateur criminal getting caught because he couldn’t help but post a selfie. Jule Bahler, aka King Romeo, robbed $7,000 from a local bank. Then, all hopped up on adrenaline and superloaded self-confidence, he uploaded this intelligent self-portrait.



In his post he wrote the he had purchased his first house and his first chopper, and that life’s great. The photo and the post not only lead the cops straight to the king’s door, but also to a lot of practical questions, such as how the hell did he manage to buy a house and a chopper for only $7,000?

 The Player Selfie

Reality sucks, so why take a selfie with it. This clever chap realized that he doesn’t need to jump through the usual hoops to get a picture of a pretty girl kissing him, but rather just be at the right place at the right time, and most importantly, at the right angle.


The expression on his face is priceless. Finally, years of courtship have paid off and Blondie realized that everything she ever wanted was right there in front of her. And luckily, he was there to block it.

Right Place Right Time

Every once in a while, one has to sacrifice witnessing a legendary moment for the sake of making art. This was possibly the frame of mind with which the following teen approached this selfie. He might have missed one of the best moments in the match, but he sure as hell got an awesome souvenir.


However, from the angle of the professional cameras, a new light is shed, and the teen’s behavior seems to be the peak of stupidity. While the entire crowd is caught up in the height of action, this dweeb decided to turn his back on the moment—all so he could inject his face into the historical moment of soccer player Frank Lampard’s 250th goal for his team, Chelsea FC.

Arrested Development

While this criminal is being captured by the long arm of the law, these girls are being captured by the long arm of the selfie. It’s bravery, if anything, because they are not doing this for their own good. Really, they’re making a social statement: the crime cycle must end.


It ‘s bad enough that people treat these arrests as if they’re some sort of street theater, but at least, usually, they put on the corresponding expression and decorum. However, for these two girls, the occasion was an opportunity to arrest some attention and get some likes.

The Volcanic Selfie

Nik Halik, a Los Angeles resident, took possibly the hottest selfie on this list. He was on a hike to the mouth of an active volcano named Benbow on Ambrym Island, which belongs to the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. With the lava bubbling behind him, he took a rare selfie.


It might look easy and comfortable. However, it was anything but. Standing so close to the frothing lava meant enduring some serious heat. The molten lava makes the volcano opening feel like an oven. Kudos to Nik for these blazing selfies.

Selfie with the Queen

Of all celebrity sightings, the Queen of England is definitely the most exciting. How many people can boast to having seen her in real life, let alone having taken such a casual, almost unroyal selfie with her? This kid was prepared to do what it takes and it worked out awesomely.


While the Queen of England was making her way down St. Georges Market in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jack Surgenor was able to take advantage of an opening in the Queen’s security detail and snap this great selfie.

The Wild Bird Selfie

Two Canadian brothers, Michael and Neil Fletcher, were out hunting in Ontario, Canada, when they witnessed an odd movement in the brush. Curious, they went to see what it was, and then they spotted a Bald Eagle stuck in a trap.


First thing they did was to release the magnificent bird’s talon from the human-made trap. Next, before letting it fly away, was to take this incredible selfie. By the look on its face, it’s uncertain what the eagle hated more: the trap or the selfie.

The Pop Pope Selfie

When it comes to naming history’s coolest Pope, it’s no challenge—Argentinian Pope Francis has proven time and time again that he can go with the flow. This time, he posed for a selfie with a few kids from northern Italy that would soon go viral.


It’s not for nothing that he has earned the nickname “The People’s Pope.” It’s clear that he does not alienate himself from the people he serves or from their peculiar habits, even if it is taking a selfie in every possible situation under the sun.

 The Rocky Selfie

We all remember that epic moment, when Rocky Balboa, played by Silvester Stallone, was running up and down the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the 1976 classic Rocky. Ever since, those steps have become a touristic destination.


In 2015, three tourists were making the epic run up the stairs, but when they reached the top, they were surprised to find none other than Sylvester Stallone. He told the guys to get together for a selfie with Rocky and they could not have been more excited.

And Then There Were Selfies

The look on the elderly man’s face is priceless. Think about the historic events this senior gentleman has witnessed in his lifetime: World War II, landing a man on the moon, cloning the first sheep. He’s seen a lot of mind-boggling things in his lifetime, but nothing could have possibly prepared him for the next big development in humanity—the selfie.


The bewildering behavior of the young specimen on the left leaves this seasoned human flabbergasted. “Why, what, for whom?” bethinks the veteran on behalf of the past. “Me, me, me!” echoes the young generation. What a moment to convey the unbridgeable generation gap.


The Old School Selfie

This O.G. wanted to demonstrate to the world that you don’t have to be young and have the latest technology to be hip. He snapped this awesome pic with a relic from the past: a rotary-dial phone— not exactly the latest development from Apple.


Seriously though, this selfie is hilarious. It perfectly conveys just how much has changed in the way we live and the kind of technology we have in our lives. Just a few decades ago, this really was the height of technology. My, how the times have changed!

Racism Goes Well with Vanilla

On February 26th , 2012, George Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed, 17-year-old African American teen named Travyon Martin when the latter was trying to enter a gated community to visit his kin. Zimmerman claimed it was self-defense.


The case was highly publicized and full of racial tension. When Zimmerman was acquitted of the charges, Attorney Don West and his daughters uploaded this celebratory selfie. Apparently, a tragic murder case really puts you in the mood for an ice cream cone.

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