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Richard Marx Restrains Disorderly Passenger on Korean Air Flight

American singer/songwriter Richard Marx was recently caught in the middle of an altercation on a Korean Air Flight when a drunk passenger began to cause an uproar mid-flight. Marx was on his way to Seoul from Hanoi, where he was scheduled to perform. Marx and a few other passengers had eventually managed to subdue the drunken man after four hours of failed attempts by what he called an “ill-prepared” cabin crew. The 34-year old man whose identity remains unknown, was apprehended by the Korean police on landing and taken into custody.

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Korean Air confirmed that indeed there had been a drunken passenger on one of their flights and that he had been subdued by the passengers. They however did not respond to Marx’s allegations concerning the competency of the cabin crew involved.

Marx had been traveling with his wife and former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes, who went on to provide a detailed account of the incident on Instagram. She mentioned that the unruly passenger began to cause a commotion after downing two and a half shots of hard liquor and becoming inebriated. Her account highlighted brashly the insufficiencies of the cabin crew, who had struggled to subdue the man for four hours. Their efforts had included tying him up unsuccessfully using rope that came undone and at one point they had tried to use the taser on him. This turned out to be unsuccessful as well.

The American singer, popular for hits he released in the 80s such as Right Here Waiting, tweeted pictures of the incident alongside rants that berated the all-female cabin crew, who he claimed were “useless” in what he termed a “chaotic and dangerous” situation. He went as far as to suggest that Korean Air should have been sanctioned following the incident seeing that their personnel were not properly trained to handle situations without involving the passengers.


Although Marx and his wife were uninjured in the incident, two passengers and a cabin crew member were injured in the hair-pulling and body-shoving chaos. The 53-year old singer has since received numerous acclamations from his fans on the internet following his bravery in handling the situation before it spiraled out of control.

Korean police later released the man on the grounds that he was too drunk for questioning but vowed to follow up on him when he became sober enough.

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