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Mojo the Rescued Puppy Gets Adopted by the Man Who Saved Him

Dogs have a remarkable memory. And this was clearly seen with the case of Mojo, a three-month-old Pitbull Amstaff terrier mix recently. Mojo was rescued by Canadian Joey Wagner who worked for the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society. When he was reunited with Wagner, Mojo immediately recognized his savior and his demeanor did a 360.


Hope for Mojo/Pitbull

The dog’s rescue in 2013 did not come easy, as Little Things reported that the dog, “was starving, dehydrated and suffering from severe skin disease” when he was found. Little Mojo was close to dying.


Hope for Mojo/Facebook

Wagner took Mojo to animal shelter, Parade Street Vet, where staff attended to the dog’s welfare. He was rushed to the animal hospital and given all the attention and treatment for his non-contagious skin mange. Wagner even set up a Facebook page to fund Mojo’s recovery efforts. The page has acquired more than 40,000 likes since then.

Being a Good Samaritan, Wagner’s efforts paved the way for the pup to get better and become active again. But the sad part, according to Little Things, is that “Mojo’s fur stopped growing and his condition kept him from being placed on the adoption list.”

Wagner stepped up his good deed and decided to give the fortunate pit bull “a forever home he so deserved.”

The meeting between canine and pet owner was a heartwarming one as a vet holding Mojo placed him on a table. Mojo immediately lunged into Wagner’s arms. The pup was busy sniffing and licking the table and noticed a familiar scent. He went straight to his rescuer realizing he was face to face with the man who saved him.


Hope for Mojo

Mojo’s excitement could not be contained as he showered Wagner with licks and played. Nowadays, Life With Dogs reported that “Mojo and his family are happy and healthy.”

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