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He Was Trying to Remodel His Home But Instead Made A Huge Discovery

1. The Master of DIY

In October 2016, Branik12, a user on the photo sharing website Imgur, stunned the internet with a strange discovery he made while trying to remodel his home. A master of all things DIY, 35-year-old Branik12 was perhaps accustomed to coming across strange things during extensive projects. Little did he know what his humble home had in store for him.


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From the start, Branik12’s goal was pretty simple: he wanted to give his house a long-overdue makeover. He and his wife owned the house and had been living there for several years. However, the house was getting old, estimated to have been built in the 1940’s. So Branik12 didn’t think it would hurt to give the home a good makeover from top to bottom.

2. Time to Remodel

Branik12’s remodeling process was pretty straightforward. He began on the uppermost floor of him home and worked his way down. Although an arduous process, he found the project to be fairly simple, and all was going well. When it came time to work on the basement, though, Branik12 had a feeling he would be putting a little extra effort into the task.


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Alas, he got to work. He did not expect to find much of interest: maybe old scraps here, a dead insect there. He might even enjoy the company of a couple scurrying spiders. Standard basement stuff. The reality proved to be much different.

3. Finally, the Basement

As for the basement, Branik12’s was relatively unremarkable. Like many basements, it was musty and dingy. Up until now, he might not have paid much attention to this portion of the home.  Soon, though, this room would prove to mean a lot more.


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But now he was about to tackle its damp darkness like the DIY pro he knew himself to be. Branik12 took note of his surroundings and then got to work. It would not be an easy task to remodel this unfinished basement, but he knew he had to begin somewhere. But he started to see some strange markings on the wall.

 4. Strange Writings

As Branik12 got to work, he took note of the walls. There was something strange about them; they were not just plain basement walls. These seemed to have some sort of message scrawled across them, in crude chalk writing, as though written by a child. What did it all mean?

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The wall featured all sorts of peculiar words and images. There were a couple of legible names: Tom and Judy. There also seemed to be some drawings, some of figures with unusual faces, others just unrecognizable scribbles. Branik12 even thought he spotted a few swastikas.

5. Look Up

Branik12’s wonderment did not end with the strange writing on the walls. When he looked up at the ceiling, Branik12 beheld something he definitely did not expect to see. From what he could tell, it was a suitcase of some sort, green in color, its other half hidden in the shadows. How did he never notice it before?

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Branik12 did not remember putting a suitcase of any sort in the basement, especially not up in the rafters. Because the case seemed to be tucked away so neatly, he wondered if someone was trying to hide it, as though it held something incredibly valuable.

6. A Strange Discovery

Branik removed the strange case from the rafters, anxious to learn what was inside. The exterior did not reveal any clues. It was not unbearably heavy, but it was not light either. Before even thinking about the case’s actual contents, however, Branik12 examined the actual case. When removed from the rafters, the case looks much different.

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It was not solid green, but rather a dirty blend of colors: emerald, paper bag-brown, marbled with a strange black pattern. It had a handle like a suitcase, but a brown band held it shut since its buckle was too worn to keep all its contents inside.

7. What Was Inside?

After giving the box a thorough look-over, Branik12 let his mind wander with childlike wonder, imagining all the treasures his mysterious box might hold. It was not heavy, so that ruled out the possibility of something like gold coins or precious gems. But there were still plenty of other possibilities: somebody’s prized collection of baseball cards or stamps? As eager as he was to explore, he waited for his wife so that she could take a look as well.

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She, too, analyzed the box meticulously. Now that they were together, they could experience at once a moment of wonder or of disappointment, depending on what the box held. They recorded every step of the process, eager to learn the secrets of the strange box.

8. Sizing It Up

While most people might have been quick to dig right into that strange box, this couple took their time. Together, they mused about the fascinating things that could possibly be inside: a collection of traditional family recipes? Lost photographs? Money?

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Before they dared open it, they decided to measure the box, using a toy banana for scale. The box seemed to exceed the banana in size. After properly documenting its exterior, the couple was now ready to discover what was inside the box.

9. More to Unravel

At last, Branik12 unwrapped the box and lifted its lid. It was all too much to take in. After all, they did not know what to expect. They could have opened it to find nothing but gaping emptiness. If they were lucky, maybe a stray penny or some photos might be there.

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What they did not expect to find was more mystery. The contents of the box were not fully exposed. They were wrapped up, very carefully, as though someone not only wanted to hide them but also preserve them for a very long time.

10. Strange Wrappings

As it turned out, the box’s contents were wrapped in a strange waxy paper. The paper was not totally opaque, but it still obscured the objects inside well enough to make determining what they were a bit of a puzzle. As the couple unpacked the box, they noted that there were several of these strange wax packages.

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But that’s not all the mystery box held. As the couple investigated the box’s contents, they discovered something else fascinating at the bottom. Could it be even more precious than the initial find? Read on to find out what this box contained.

11. Step Back in Time

As they removed the box’s main contents, the couple discovered something interesting: an old newspaper. It seemed so out of place among the mysterious wax-paper bags, as though someone placed it there as an afterthought. The couple began to review the newspaper.

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It appeared to be in fairly decent shape. All the text was fairly legible. Its condition was so good that if not for the outdated pictures, one might think it was last week’s news. But it definitely was not. This news had been sitting hidden for over six decades.

12. A Hint to the Treasure

As for the actual stories of the paper, it was amazing to see what mattered to the locals at the time. And even the advertisements are fascinating to see now. The amusing dated ads take anyone looking back in time, when prices were much cheaper than anything you could imagine now.

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As as far as the couple could tell, the paper was not placed there because it held any notable piece of history but more as a way to hint as to when the box was put away. But what was so valuable inside that it required not only a special hiding place but also special, meticulous wrapping.

13. Putting a Date on the Box

Branik12 and his wife took another look at the actual box, hoping to gather any clues from it before moving on to its actual contents. The box did not seem to reveal anything of note: it was marked with no name, no date. It had no official owner, as far as they were concerned.

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They turn their attention to the date printed on the newspaper: March 25, 1951. All right, at least they had a timeline to work with now. Suddenly, it looked like they were in possession of a remarkable time capsule of sorts.

14. The Big Reveal

The box was well over 60 years old, they determined from the old newspaper’s date. Now they could focus their attention on the box’s strange, carefully-wrapped packages. Upon closer examination, the couple starts to make out what lied beneath the waxy paper, and they grow even more excited.


Beneath the packaging lay stacks of something. They started to see the presidents’ faces on the surface and had a feeling they were about to strike it big. They did not know exactly what they were dealing with just yet.

15. Hidden Riches

Slowly, the couple unwrapped each package as carefully as it had been wrapped in the first place. They were delighted to see that their hopeful guesses were correct: the mysterious box held money after all. But they were not dealing with just a couple crumpled twenty-dollar bills. Their strange box turned out to be a treasure chest.

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Once they finish unwrapping and observing each package, the couple realized just how lucky they were. For the years they lived in the house, the old, dark basement was hiding stacks of untouched cash. How much was there?

16. Cold, Hard Cash

Now that they knew they were dealing with cold, hard cash, the time came for them to count it up. They spread the bills out before them and the dollar signs danced before their eyes. This sort of thing did not happen in real life, did it?

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Once they calmed down, they began tally things up. They ahad at least several thousand dollars. And to make it all even more valuable, the money was old and now could be worth more than the amount on the bills.

17. Flush with Cash?

If the couple wanted to claim the money, they had to know at least what kind of money they were dealing with. Was it real? Or did someone just stuff some fake money in an old box, hoping to fool the new homeowners? They would soon find out.

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As they looked over the money, they realized that it was indeed the real deal. Not only that–these weren’t just singles or even five dollar bills. The lowest among the bills was a $20. Among the twenty-dollar bills were many one-hundreds as well.

18. Rich With History

Nothing could get better than hitting the jackpot in the comfort of your own home, right? All they had to do was explore their own basement. But their luck did not end with the money itself. When they looked at each bill more closely, they noticed something else.

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Some of these bills sported gold symbols, others brown and many dated back to 1928. The newspaper was not the oldest thing in the box after all. The couple came to a remarkable realization: the money may be worth even more than they had initially thought.

19. Curiosity Still Itching

Even after all he and his wife had experienced in the span of just a few hours, Branik12 had a hunch that more awaited them in that dingy basement. Call it instinct, wishful thinking–whatever it was, he knew. He started to explore and, to his amazement, made another stunning discovery. How? He went right back to where he found the first hidden treasure.


There, tucked away neatly just like the first, lay another mysterious box. Without a second thought, Branik12 reached for the treasure and started examining his second lucky find.

20. Scoring Twice

The second box did not look much different from the first. Just like the first, it was rather unremarkable on the outside: a rainbow of muddy colors, old and dusty. But as Branik12 handled the box, he realized that it was different from the first after all.


This box had a bit more weight to it, as though someone tried to stuff as much as they could into one box. As eager as Branik12 was to dig in, he waited. His wife was not there at the time; he wanted to witness the treasure with her, just as with the last.

21. The Great Unveiling

When the wife learned that Branik12 had uncovered yet another mysterious box, she was of course stunned. This time, they did not waste any time rummaging through its contents. When they learned what they were in for, they were glad that they didn’t wait. Somehow, they managed to score the jackpot twice–without even leaving their home.

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Whoever put away this money was not as meticulous as with the first box. Bills overflowed from this one. Now the couple had more money than they knew what to do with. What was the total amount found in the two boxes?

22. The Grand Total

Eventually, Branik12 and his wife took the time to count the money. After totaling everything up, they learned that they had $45,000. It had waited for them in their basement for years. But bear in mind: that is just how much they had in cash. What it was really worth was a whole different story.


They had to take the bills to be appraised. They knew they would be shocked to learn just how much was in store for them. But first, they had to sort out some legal details, just to ensure that they were going about it all the right way.

23. Sharing the News

Branik12 and his wife knew they could not just pocket the money and call it a day. They would have to contact a lawyer to make sure they were not holding on to anything illegal. Once they got that taken care of, they figured they could do as they pleased with it.

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After they contacted a lawyer and verified that the cash was legitimate and that it officially belonged to them, Branik12 made the decision to post pictures of the money and the boxes online, as well as his fascinating story. It quickly gained attention on Reddit, earning many upvotes and even scored a place on the site’s front page. Read on to find out how much the money was worth.

24. Pleasing Information

Internet fame can only get you so far! Thus, the couple met with a skilled appraiser to discern just how much they could get for their grand stash of cash. They did not know the surprise they were in for. Sure, they would be glad to walk away with just $10,000 more than they had originally found. Little did they know, they were about to hit the jackpot for a third time.

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To their surprise, the couple’s loot was worth a staggering $180,000, over four times the bills’s original value! Now that they were flush with a huge amount of cash, how were the couple going to spend their newfound riches? Their plan was much different than others who hit the jackpot.

25. Future Plans

Many people like to fantasize about what they would do if they suddenly were given a huge amount of  money. Some come up with grandiose plans: buy a mansion, a luxury car, go on an exotic vacation and just live it up. Not so for this couple.


For Branik12 and his wife, their plans are relatively simple. They do not want anything super extravagant. They are going to spend it wisely and put most of it toward their mortgage. Smart idea! They seem to have it all now: a beautiful, renovated home, a nice relationship and a comfortable amount of money.

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