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The Remarkable Tale of Christopher Thomas Knight

For many of us accustomed to modern living, the inconveniences of daily life may permeate our lives but do not overwhelm us. Such was not the case for Christopher Thomas Knight, who went almost 30 years without encountering a single soul. He has been considered by people worldwide as one of the only “true hermits” in the world. Knight surrendered the conveniences of modern life and retreated deep into the Maine woods, only to be heard of through bits and pieces of gossip and reported sightings. Read on to learn more about this daring man and his life at the mercy of wilderness.

1. An Early Portrait of Christopher Knight

Dark-haired and bespectacled, Christopher Knight’s personality shone best through his posture. He’d often try to make himself appear as small as possible. He had never been the most outgoing or charismatic character and that suited him just fine.

Kennebec Journal

Kennebec Journal

He preferred to keep to himself and to stay busy with the things that mattered to him most. People puzzled him; he struggled to relate to most others beyond a basic level.

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