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5 Reasons To Watch ‘Mute’ On Netflix Despite The Reviews

Mute is the latest Netflix original film written and directed by Duncan Jones. It takes place in futuristic Berlin in 2058, with themes that focus more on the consequences of war (which is still waging in Afghanistan) than on the implications of future technology. Critics, however, are not too crazy about the film and have largely given it bad reviews, but there are compelling reasons to ignore them and check it out anyway.

Alexander Skarsgard

Alexandar Skarsgard plays Leo, an Amish mute with an aversion to most technology. In the film, he looking for his girlfriend, Naadirah, who has mysteriously disappeared. Skarsgard is a talented actor who has been working in the industry since he was seven years old. He’s probably best known for his role as Eric in HBO’s True Blood series. Not only is he a talented actor, he’s been named sexiest man alive in Sweden five times! Any chance to see Skarsgard at work is worth your time.

LA Times

Cactus Bill

Cactus Bill, played by Paul Rudd, is an American Army surgeon who is AWOL, as are quite a few military members hiding in Berlin. His job now is to provide surgery for criminals on the black market. Paul Rudd is not only a talented and seasoned actor worth watching, his character has a M.A.S.H.-style relationship to another character (Duck), reminiscent of Hawkeye and BJ. The banter between the two is entertaining to watch.


A Rising Star Director

For fans of Moon, the 2009 sci-fi movie also written by Duncan Jones, Mute takes place in its universe. The many references to the world created in Moon are fun for fans to discover and they make this movie feel like it’s a sequel to the highly successful film that launched Jones’ career.


An Interesting Protagonist

Leo, the main character played by Alexander Skarsgard, is mute (duh). He was in an accident as a boy, which left him without the benefit of speech. Though technology exists in the future to resolve this problem, Leo was raised Amish and won’t use tech beyond what meets his basic needs. It’s unusual to watch a movie where the main character can’t speak. While it results in a lot of quiet during the movie, the way Mute handles Bill’s condition makes watching this main character more interesting.

Arkansas Online

Imagery And Interesting Ideas

Although Mute doesn’t revolve around interesting technological advances, it still has some cool gadgets worth checking out. From flying cars to smart implants to cybernetics, there is no shortage of ideas from Jones about what the future holds in the tech department. Not only does he address technology, Jones creates an interesting backdrop full of dark alleyways and an abundance of neon and punk costumes making Mute visually appealing for viewers.


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