Where you came from ?! Latest Logic Track Causes Jump in Calls to Suicide Prevention Hotline
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Latest Logic Track Causes Jump in Calls to Suicide Prevention Hotline

Rapper Logic’s latest track “1-800-273-8255” is currently ranked as the number 1 song in the United States as the rapper proudly posted on his Twitter account. But more than just conquering the music charts, the song also impacted the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, causing a 50% increase in call volume after he performed the song at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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The title “1-800-273-8255” is NSPL’s hotline number that aims to help suicidal people realize that somebody cares and willing to listen. “The impact has been pretty extraordinary. On the day the song was released, we had the second-highest call volume in the history of our service,” shared John Draper, the director of the NSPL.

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It is important to stress, however, that unlike other songs and entertainment shows that merely portray suicide, Logic’s track focuses on the fact that there is always hope and that help is always available for those who are suffering from mental health issues and on the verge of ending their lives.

“Logic is generating calls with a song about getting help and finding hope. It’s not focusing on tragedy or suicide. In fact, he’s starting conversations about suicide prevention, as opposed to suicide,” Draper said.

The music video for the song was released a week ago and it has so far raked in over 30 million views on YouTube. The video sends a powerful message that one should never give up on his life because it always gets better.

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“In many ways, Logic’s video and song completely embody this message that everybody can take an action to prevent suicide,” Draper said. “A lot of people think that it requires a professional or even a hotline. But the fact is that while those are extremely helpful — and I would always counsel somebody to consider those options — what we also know is that most suicides are prevented by people being caring with one another.”

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