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Queen of Pop: Madonna’s Iconic Looks Over Time

The material girl is one of the most memorable fashionistas in history. Her style is often described as chameleon-like and versatile like no other. Iconic, inspirational, and creative for generations, no one else does it like Madonna. Humble and new wave 80’s to modern and alternative 2000’s she has kept it fresh for over thirty years and counting. The cultural impact of her style still resonates as of now seeing new artist imitating the “new shocking look” every so often. Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Beyoncé have studied the queen of pop but no one does it like her in the end.

Like a Virgin shocked the world but more so her play with wedding dresses was a whole new statement. Her first major role in film was “Seeking Susan” and it solidified her as pop, fashionable, and talented.

Early 90’s Madonna was not scared to show some skin and to “Vouge”. She had no shame in expressing her sexuality as art. The world was starting to take notice she was more than a fad but a statement.

Later in the 90’s Madonna had transformed to a more holistic and natural style that represented her music at the time with the album Ray of Light.

Early 2000’s Madonna became politically against the Iraq war (which is a big no-no for pop artists). Remember when she started playing guitar… only Madonna

Later that decade she went back to basics of pop after a backlash of political interest. She blossomed into a strawberry- red queen. Then in 2008 she went back beach blonde and teamed up with Justin Timberlake for a modern “in the times” look.

A break from recording Madonna was filling up arenas on her MDNA tour and don’t forget in 2012 she performed the Super bowl halftime show. All hail the Queen!






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