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A 50-Year Prison-Escape Mystery

Located 1.25 miles off of the coast of San Francisco, California, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was one of the most famous prisons of its time. It was open from 1934-1963. Many concluded that the jail was escape-proof. Even if convicts could a find a way outdoors, they would be met by daunting cliffs and freezing waters. In 1962, three men proved they escape was possible. Only now have investigators been able to figure out how these men escaped.

Don’t Rock the Rock

Alcatraz was built in 1860. It was a military citadel and prison. A fortress on an island, its builders were certain that the freezing bay and dangerous cliffs would prevent any prisoners from successfully breaking out of jail.

According to legend, the first thought any prisoner had upon arriving at Alcatraz was escape. The prison claims that no prisoner has ever been able to escape without being caught or killed. On June 11th, 1962, three crafty criminals put the claim in jeopardy.

Criminal 1: Frank Morris

Frank Morris was born on September 1st, 1926, just three years before the Great Depression. Orphaned at a young age, Frank’s youth consisted of being tossed around in different foster homes like an unwanted belonging.



At around age 13, Morris’ career as a criminal began. Morris would be arrested and convicted of a cascade of crimes, including narcotics possession and armed robbery. In 1960, Morris was in the process of committing a burglary when the police arrived. For punishment, Morris was sent to Alcatraz. He was now inmate number AZ1441.

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