Where you came from ?! Pompeii Man Goes Viral For His 'Naughty' Final Pose
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Pompeii Man Goes Viral For His ‘Naughty’ Final Pose

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE, killed around 16,000 people in Pompeii who were unable to escape the catastrophic event. They were later unearthed in what appeared to be a horrific and poignant record of the last days of those who fell victim to one of the most destructive volcanic eruptions in history. However, there was one Pompeii man has stood out lately because his interesting position when he died.

pompeii man

Andrew Mason/Flickr

The lava that poured over Pompeii’s victims, in what is now Italy, captured their final moments in great detail as the searing pumice and volcanic ash found its way into the house of every individual preserving them in the state they were in.

While many of the people were captured in bed or trying to escape, one was caught in a compromising situation. Although a mere speculation, according to IFL Science the body of the unearthed Pompeii man appeared to be “preserved in the final act of self-love”. This can be attributed to the fact that his hands are clenched where his manhood lies.



Several people made comments on Twitter including one from Andre who said, “This man saw his entire world crumbling to fire and ash and decided to crank one out before facing eternity. Legend.”

People also found a way to make light of the situation as reports from IFL Science mentioned that, “he should have used the time to seek out his loved ones” but instead people are “hypothesizing that’s precisely what he’d done.” Based from tweets such as one from Persian Rose who said, “He died holding his loved ones.”

pompeii man

Daniele Florio / Wikimedia Commons

Thousands of years have passed since the devastating eruption, Mount Vesuvius is still an active volcano and is bound to “erupt at any time” according to Telegraph. It has erupted 30 times in the recent years with the last one in 1944, killing 26 people.

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