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Preschool Sweethearts Marry After 20 Years and It Was Adorable

We’ve heard of high school sweethearts, but preschool sweethearts? Twenty-three-year-old Matt Grodsky knew his heart was set on one girl alone – Laura Scheel, his preschool sweetheart, which is why even after many years, he kept his promise and married her.

preschool sweetheart

Matt Grodsky

“My memories are basically following her all the time, reciting Disney lines. She’s teaching me how to swing and how to draw,” shared Matt in an interview with Inside Edition.

“I was just always drawn to her. She always had this infectious smile that she still has. Just this happy energy,” Matt added.

The loyal and devoted Matt may have truly been in love with Laura since they were kids as he was bold enough to propose to her while they were still toddlers.

Matt recalled casually telling his preschool sweetheart back then: “Hey, we got a good thing going. We should get married.”

preschool sweetheart

Matt Grodsky

Laura, who was pretty mature for a preschooler responded: “We should probably wait. We’re still a little young.”

The two were inseparable at that time, practically hanging around with each other doing various activities.

“We did everything together. We’d watch movies, we’d have playdates.” Recalled Laura.

The two young lovebirds eventually lost touch after they went to separate elementary schools but through a common friend, they were able to meet again in high school and have kept touch since.

Matt and Laura attended different high schools and even went on different states to college but their love and devotion to each other never faltered.

preschool sweetheart

Molly McElenney

Near the end of their junior year in college, the obvious conclusion to their love story happened: another proposal from Matt on the lawn of the same preschool where he first proposed.

After 20 years, the question was asked at the right moment and Laura readily said “yes.”

Laura said that she has “always loved him. He’s my best friend and I never looked back.”

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