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Has The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Been Solved?

As you probably know, the Bermuda triangle is a mysterious triangular shaped region located in the Atlantic Ocean. A large number of ships and planes have apparently disappeared without a trace in this notorious area, causing worldwide fear and speculation for decades. Even in the few cases where ship and plane wrecks were discovered, there was so sign of their crew members, who disappeared completely. These incidences have been going on for centuries and more than 1,000 planes and ships have been known to vanish in the triangle area.

bermuda triangle


The facts, though, are a far cry from what is believed by many. Many stories and myths have been twisted through imagination by writers to sell books and papers. As time went by, the facts got distorted and thus many arguments emerged, challenging the mysteries that brought fear home for so many people over the years.

So what is the truth?

It all began with author Edward Jones, who noticed the first abnormality in 1950. His findings were published in Florida’s Miami Herald. It was in 1952, however, when the story caught major attention as fellow author George Sand researched the mystery and published his findings in Fate magazine, after a flight went missing in the area. It was a bomber flight that disappeared during a training session in 1945, never to be seen again.

Many other writers wrote about the mysterious incidences that occurred in the triangle decades later. Some reports offered nothing but speculation and no actual facts, but the mystery caught on quickly and soon the Bermuda Triangle became a reality in the minds of people all over the world.

bermuda triangle


Where is the Bermuda Triangle located?

The triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean, between Miami (Florida), San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Bermuda (a north Atlantic Island). Vincent Gaddis, an American writer, defined this boundary in 1964 Argosy magazine, and he was actually the one who coined the phrase ‘The Deadly Bermuda Triangle.’

The recent discovery

Bermuda triangle

Scientists have noticed strange cloud formations over the Bermuda triangle area, that might actually explain the strange disappearances. These cloud forms are hexagonal with straight edges, over a radius of 20 to 55 miles in the Atlantic Ocean area. What makes this so rare is that cloud formations are usually randomly located, and these seem strangely organized. Such hexagonal clouds may act like ‘air bombs’ that can blast anytime, and thus generate vertical wind speeds of 170 miles per hour. If a plane is caught in that wind, it is pushed downwards into the sea, without warning.

Do you think this recent discovery finally solves the Bermuda triangle mystery? Let us know in the comments.

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