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Police Officer Goes Out Of His Way To Help Fight Homelessness

We need more good deeds in this world – genuine acts of kindness that only serve to help another human being. What makes good deeds even more special is when they’re done by people in positions of power because they really have the ability to lead by example.



The police officers of the St. Louis County Police department take that responsibility seriously, and they recently set a great example by helping a homeless man in their community.

This Police Force Has A Lighter Side

One look at the St. Louis County Police department’s Instagram account and it’s obvious that this police force is in touch with the community.

Their good-hearted nature is clear in photos of officers involved in charities, getting their faces painted by children, and helping members of their community above and beyond just enforcing the law.



The Homelessness Epidemic

In 2010, it was reported that roughly 1.6 million people in the United States experienced at least temporary homelessness. It’s a real problem and one that everyone can contribute to solving. The officers in St. Louis took this responsibility very seriously when they met a homeless man while on duty and did an incredibly kind deed for him.

He Didn’t Know How To Tie A Tie

On September 18, 2017, Officer Carper and Sergeant Marshall were standing near a transit station when they were approached by a homeless man.

“Ofc. Carper and Sgt Marshall were standing at Hanley when this gentleman walked up and asked if either of them knew how to tie a tie,” said the caption on the official St. Louis County Police Instagram account.

Some officers might have dismissed the man with little thought, but these officers saw an opportunity to make a difference.



“Sgt Marshall volunteered to show him and tie it. He was going for a job interview,” continued the caption.

When these officers saw a man that was genuinely trying to improve his life, they couldn’t resist encouraging him and helping him as best they could. What a touching story of a good deed by a local police force!

Good deeds done by people with power can have a strong ripple effect, so pay the kindness forward and look for good deeds you can do in your local community!

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