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Poker Player Wins $1 Million from Bet to Lose Weight

A 36-year-old professional poker player was over $100,000 in debt and and had an expanding waistline to match the debt too. He was out of control and needed a big switch to turn his life around. One bet did help him live a better and healthier life; and all he has to do was lose weight.

lose weight

Walter Scoobs/Instagram

“I was broke, big and isolated. People dream of what I had accomplished, and I lost control,” Walter Fisher told the New York Post.

In December 2016, one of Fisher’s gambling acquaintances made fun of his weight and made a bet of $100,000 that Fisher wouldn’t be able to reduce his body fat to 10% in six months.

Knowing that this is the chance to finally get his life back on track, Fisher took the challenge and in less than a month the wager ballooned to over $1 million.

lose weight

Walter Scoobs/Instagram

To lose weight and body fat, Fisher tapped the help of personal trainer Chris DiVecchio who immediately started with him working out.

“We started with 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training and an hour of weights, seven days per week. Then we went to 45-minutes of cardio and two hours of high-intensity interval training, plus weights. I ate oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast. I soon put in 10 hours a day, with five hours of cardio. I drank amino acids and glutamine to keep my muscles from breaking down,” Fisher said of his lifestyle changes.

After dropping to 13.5% fat in three months, Fisher’s progress became slower so DiVecchio sought the help of sports-medicine nutritionist Phil Goglia who worked to ensure that Fisher’s diet was helping him burn fat and not muscles.

lose weight

John Chapple

“I ate, trained or rested. That’s all I did. Fat melted off. They upped my calories and the intensity of my cardio,” Fisher said on his journey.

Fisher won the bet on June 22 as he weighed 175 pounds with 8.8% of body fat and he plans on staying in shape and working on building his muscle mass. To all this, he said: “To have gone from an absolute low to where I am now is an achievement and a transformation.”

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