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Plus-Size Model Confronts Rude Passenger After Glancing at His Phone

Natalie Hage, a 30-year old plus-size model from Denton, Texas was on her way to a photoshoot in Los Angeles. She boarded an American Airlines plane sitting next to a man named Eric who she noticed started sending text messages. To her shock, when she glanced over at his phone, she discovered he was talking about her.

plus-sized model


Interviewed by the Today Show, Hage said that she “could tell from the second I walked up that he was bothered.”

“He was making it very clear — jerkily arranging himself in his seat, slamming his seat belt — obviously distressed that I was alive next to him,” she said, noting she almost asked him if he was alright.

To her horror, Hage then noticed that the passenger might have been taking a picture of her as she noticed him with his phone on his lap, fingers close to his phone’s camera button. But next, she noticed a slew of derogatory text messages about her appearance and all out in the open. The man was not even trying to keep the conversation private.

plus-sized model

Natalie Hage and Cafe Mom

The plus-sized model posted a picture of what appeared to be a conversation with the man and a woman named Linda. Although the picture is not very clear, Hage posted the photos onto Instragram, explaining what was being said. Among the remarks, one of the messages said that he was leaving a “neck mark on the window” because he was pressed so close to the wall. Another message hoped that Hage didn’t eat Mexican food, to which the next text surmised she might have “eaten a Mexican.”

Hage waited until the end of the flight to confront the man as they were leaving the plane, so she would not cause alarm from other passengers and would be able to quickly exit if she needed. She posted the video of the confrontation on Facebook, which has more than 1.2 million views.

At first he denied the messages, but fessed up when she quoted some of the things he said. He quickly apologizes and attributed the comments to the fact that he had been drinking.

plus-sized model


The company responsible for the photoshoot bought Natalie’s ticket but she had to pay an extra $70 to have extra leg room. Her experience left her shaken and mentioned on Today that even though she runs a “body-positive platform … even I, in that moment, felt an inch tall.”

Watch the video of her brave confrontation:

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