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The Plaza Hotel In New York Actually Offers A Home Alone 2 Themed Package

You won’t believe it, but Home Alone 2 is celebrated its 25 year anniversary recently! To celebrate this children’s classic, the Plaza Hotel in New York is giving its guests the chance to live the Kevin McCallister experience.

What Does It Take To Live Like Kevin McCallister?

Believe it or not, it costs less to live like Kevin in 2017 than it did in 1992 when the movie was made.

home alone 2


In Home Alone 2, Kevin’s hotel bill for room service alone comes to $967. You can get the New York Plaza’s experience for as little as $895, though it doesn’t include your meals.

The Basic Package

You will get the room, an “interactive photo booth experience,” a paint can with the Home Alone movies on DVD, a Home Alone 2 backpack and an in-room ice cream sundae like the one Kevin ate in the movie.

home alone 2

Anne Marie Hayes

Of course, that’s just the basic package. For those with extra money, there’s an even better experience available.

There’s A Bigger Package With Better Perks

If you have the money and the time, the hotel will also arrange a limousine tour of the city which you can use in conjunction with a “Home Alone Map” to follow Kevin’s New York adventure from start to finish.

home alone 2


The Plaza is also happy to arrange a personal vacation photographer to follow you around at all times and make sure you get the best snaps from your experience. They don’t say how much this costs, but we imagine that it’s not cheap.

To add a cherry on top of the sundae, they will also arrange passes to the top of The Empire State Building and for access to Wollman Rink.

One thing that won’t be included, however, is a pair of bumbling thieves. It’s probably for the best.

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