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Pixar’s Coco, The Latest Upcoming Animated Feature

Pixar’s Coco, the latest film in the studios repertoire promises to be a hit to remember. While Pixar may have just missed winning the Academy Award nomination for Finding Dory, their new animation may offer another opportunity for them in 2017.

Box office success is no new thing for the Pixar studio. With big names backing their reputation like the “Toy Story” series, “Wall-E”, “Finding Nemo” and “Monsters Inc.”, it seems Pixar can pretty much do whatever it wants and see commercial and critical success.

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This may be what prompted the studio to create “Coco”, Pixar’s first animated film that features culture and characters south of the border. It seems that ethic diversity has become a trend in animated movies after the commercial success of Moana.

The Inside Scoop

Pixar’s Coco features a young aspiring musician named Miguel, who is accidentally transported to the spirit world of the dead with a magical guitar. It is in the spirit world that Miguel befriends a trickster to help him learn about his family history, heritage, and culture.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

One cannot help but draw the parallels of this movie formula to Moana, about a girl who must learn the secret history of her culture, as well as go on a spiritual quest in order to help save her people from a mysterious spreading darkness.

A Strong Contender

The new trend in ethnically diverse animated movies seems to be a welcome one. Moana’s success has opened the flood gates for other culturally diverse movies.

It seems that the public is hungry for variety, something production studios have been hesitant to oblige in the past. Now with increasing success of ethnic culture movies like “Get Out”, older production studios are forced to reassess their formula and adapt to the new age, otherwise they risk falling into obsolescence.

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