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Pitbull Elected Mayor of Small Town in Kentucky

Brynneth Pawltro, a three-year old pitbull won the mayoral election in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky following a landslide election, which earned him a vote of more than 3,300.

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NY Class/Twitter

The one-of-a-kind election has been a town tradition since the early 1990s, when pets and other animals began to be permitted to “run” as representative of the municipality.

The concept of having an animal run for town mayor came when most residents decided they do not need a “human” mayor. Electing animals became a practice and is done in the same manner as the customary electoral procedure we have.

This year’s election concluded with Brynn beating out other animals including a cat, chicken, and donkey. This marks the fourth year that a dog won the election for the town.

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Mayor Brynn/Facebook

According to Good News Network, Brynn “will be succeeding a border collie named Lucy Lou” who won as the town mayor the year before. Two runners-up were also named as ambassadors, representing the town in case the elected mayor has other obligations.

Nominated furry friends run on a platform, which makes their candidacy more interesting. This year, Brynn’s platform was the encouragement and promotion of peace and passion for her hometown.

Each resident is allowed to vote by spending a dollar towards the mayor they select. Every voter can cast more than one ballot and it depends on how much they are willing to spend.

The funds collected after the conclusion of the election will be given back to the community as a way to help finance services and other architectural structures in need of funding.

town mayor

Mayor Brynn/Facebook

According to WLWT News, proceeds from this election in particular will go to the restoration of the Rabbit Hash General Store which was ravaged by fire. The store has been cataloged as part of the National Register of Historic Places and is one of town’s attractions.

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