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Pilot Fakes Engine Failure to Make Sky-High Proposal

This amateur pilot could have decided to pop the big question during a candlelit dinner or a romantic trip abroad. Instead, Anthony Bordigon took his proposal to the extreme when he invited his girlfriend, Katherine Wareham, to take a plane ride with him.


Katherine appears nervous from the get-go, but her fears are only made worse when minutes into the flight, Anthony tells her not to panic but that they are experiencing engine failure. Whether it’s a movie or real life, when somebody tells you “not to panic,” that is precisely the time to do so. He also asks his girlfriend of two years to go through the checklist, as they are apparently experiencing engine failure. The pilot informs the passenger that he’s “not getting any response on the controls” and that they may need to make an emergency landing.

“Verify flight ring is engaged,” Katherine reads, nervously. “Initiate ring engagement process. Follow steps 11 to 14.” She soon realizes it’s a marriage proposal. “I hate you,” she shouts, before bursting into tears.

Anthony tells her to keep reading. “Will the pilot in command love the passenger forever? Check,” his girlfriend reads, still crying. “Will you marry the pilot in command?”

Despite the unconventional proposal—and calling her now-fiancé an “idiot”—Katherine accepts. She then showed off her ring after landing, safe and sound.

Anthony explained in a blog post for GoPro that he has been flying since late 2013. It had always been a dream of his to be a pilot. And where better to propose to the love of his life than in the sky?

The video of the proposal was uploaded earlier this year, and has since garnered over 1.5 million views. Needless to say, reactions have been mixed. Some say the proposal was romantic. Others say that the bride was in no position to say no; kind of like those that are proposed to during a baseball game.

The couple was married on June 17th.

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