Where you came from ?! Photo Of A Hairdresser's Back Shows How Brutal The Job Is
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This Photo Of A Hairdresser’s Back Shows How Brutal That Job Is On Your Body

Some people think being a hairdresser is an easy job, but stylist Caroline Sharpe will tell you it’s anything but!

Between being a full-time mom and a Cross-fitter, Sharpe says that being a hairdresser is by far the physically hardest thing that she does, and her massage therapist has the pictures to prove it.

Check Out Her Back!

Being a hairdresser involves hours of standing and holding tools like a blow dryer, scissors, or hair brushes at shoulder height for the full length of a person’s appointment. This can cause some serious aches and pains, not to mention long-term posture issues!

To take care of herself, Sharpe tries to stay active outside of work with regular exercise, but she also needs major therapy sessions with her massage therapist, Hitesh Patel.


This picture was taken after one of their recent sessions in which Patel used a technique called gua sha on all of the scar tissue in Sharpe’s back. The visual effects are pretty gruesome!

What Is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique, and it’s pretty awesome!

Using a scraping tool, the skin is scaped in key locations where muscles are pinned by scar tissue and is designed to stimulate blood flow and rapid healing. These fierce bruises are a little souvenir from the treatment!


People that have experienced it call it intense yet highly-effective and Sharpe gets regular treatments to keep her body going through long hours of work as a hairdresser.

Not Just Hairdressing

Patel posted the original treatment photos on Facebook and received international attention with many news outlets focusing on the fact that hairdressing will “ruin” a person’s body.

Seeking to clarify his first post, Patel posted again on Facebook and said that “it’s not just hairdressing that causes the red marks…every job will cause this to some degree.” He also mentioned that the red marks are simply a result of the gua sha treatment and an indicator of where scar tissue is concentrated more heavily.

Regardless if it’s not just hairdressing, I have a LOT more respect for my hairdresser after seeing the damage it can cause to a person’s body!


Were you surprised by how hard hairdressing can be on the body? Have you ever heard of gua sha?

Let us know in the comments!

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