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The Most Perfectly-Cast Comic Book Characters

Whenever a casting announcement comes along for an upcoming superhero movie, fans typically have a strong opinion. But it’s one thing to imagine the actor in the role and a whole other thing to witness the actor in the role. Sometimes the casting agent chose the perfect actor, and we don’t even realize it until the first trailer rolls around. Here are five comic book heroes that couldn’t have been cast better.

Chris Evans – Captain America

Fresh off of Fox’s horrific Fantastic Four movies, Chris Evans entered the Captain America role looking for redemption. Fans thought Evans certainly looked like Steve Rogers, but could he play the part? All doubt was silenced after Captain America: The First Avenger, and it’s now reached the point where we can’t imagine anybody else playing the role. Of course, Evans’ Captain America would probably be nowhere as relevant if it weren’t for the next perfect casting.

Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr. – Ironman

Without Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Iron Man, who knows how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would’ve turned out. RDJ’s lovable snark and relentless wit in the shared universe’s debut movie made fans out of millions of people who’d never even heard of Iron Man. While the next perfect casting isn’t as popular as RDJ’s Iron Man, comic fans agree that Watchmen‘s Rorschach had a spot-on portrayal.

Marvel Studios

Jackie Earle Haley – Rorschach

Watchmen was a unique and dark superhero movie based on a legendary graphic novel with a diehard fanbase. Because of this, the role of Rorschach demanded nothing less than perfect casting. And fans agree that the studio made the right choice. Jackie Earle Haley nailed the role of the Batman-esque and ultra-violent Rorschach character. As for a more well-known perfect casting, the The Dark Knight Rises villain fits the bill.

Warner Bros.

Tom Hardy – Bane

Enlisted by Christopher Nolan to help bring home the Dark Knight Trilogy, Tom Hardy did not disappoint. The actor put the work in and bulked up considerably to fit the image of Bane. Add to that how much thought and effort Hardy put into Bane’s voice, and you have a memorable villain for a rarely satisfying end to a trilogy. Of course, as good as Hardy was, he couldn’t quite top the villain that preceded him.

Warner Bros.

Heath Ledger – Joker

It’s hardly controversial to claim that Heath Ledger gave the greatest performance that we’ve seen in a superhero movie. But when Ledger was first announced for the role of Joker, fans were heavily skeptical. The Joker is among the most famous villains in all of comics and deserved a good portrayal. Needless to say, Ledger blew everyone away with his performance, and it’s difficult to imagine any other Joker portrayal coming close.

Warner Bros.

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