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5 Times The Pawn Stars Made Away Like Bandits

Ever wonder how much some of the valuables collecting dust in your attic are worth? Some of the customers of Gold & Silver Pawn are likely wishing they had checked before selling. The Pawn Stars may rescue lost treasures and antiques, but not every exchange has favored their customers. These are some of the rare and expensive items that the Pawn Stars have managed to capture for cheap and reaped an incredible profit off of!

A Genuine 1980’s Colt .45 Peacemaker Revolver

When this seller revealed to the Pawn Stars that he purchased this rare Peacemaker Colt .45 for only $25, Rick made what sounded like a decent opening offer — $3,000. While the guy walked away with a nice profit, Rick claimed victory as well, as the value of this incredible handgun is upwards of $40,000!

Pawn Stars/History Channel

An Epic Yasutsugu Samurai Sword

This 15th Century samurai sword is as neat as it is valuable, but the seller wasn’t up for a battle of negotiation. Originally collateral for a business debt, the man selling this weapon was happy to turn it for any profit at all. He was able to talk Corey into purchasing the sword for $1,500. However, Corey could easily sell it for $5,000 — and with some restoration, could get the price to $15,000!

Pawn Stars/History Channel

A One-in-a-Million Autographed Copy of “The Godfather”

When Diane Hutton brought the Pawn Stars a copy of the original Godfather script — signed by the trilogy’s star Al Pacino — her incredible piece of film history was hit with a low offer of $500. Luckily, that offer was one that Diane could refuse, and she decided to hold onto the screenplay. She was later able to fetch $12,000 for it in an auction — a fortune compared to their pitch!

YouTube/History Channel

A Stylish ’62 Lincoln Continental

This gorgeous, classic vehicle was brought to the Pawn Stars with an asking price of $14,000, but due to its less-than-pretty interior, the man surrendered it for only $9,500 — $500 less than the original showroom price! Though they had to invest around $15,000 to return it to its former glory, the restored car would sell for nearly $35,000, scoring a big profit for the Pawn Stars.

Pawn Stars/History Channel

An Irreplaceable Book From Isaac Newton’s Collection

A 450-year-old book on alchemy may not pique everyone’s interest, but the fact that it is from Sir Isaac Newton’s personal library puts a monumental price tag on the novel. However, even after a rare book specialist placed a value of $20,000 on the piece, the Old Man only offered the seller $7,000, which they accepted. It doesn’t take Newton to do the math — the Old Man turned a $13,000 profit!

Pawn Stars/History Channel

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