Where you came from ?! Real People Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Partner Was The One
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Real People Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Partner Was The One, And I’m Crying

Whether you’re old or young, single or spoken for, everyone loves a good love story. Any jealousy aside, hearing the inspiring stories of how happy couples came together gives us hope. That is why, when Buzzfeed contributor Kat Angus asked people to share their stories of meeting the one, Twitter seemed to explode…

A Child At Heart


One responder traced his relationship’s origins back to their second date ever. When searching for something in her purse, his future wife handed him a bag of googly eyes to hold.

A Fart From The Heart


One woman won her love over thanks to a very unique talent; being able to fart on command. The skill led them to 17 years of marriage with many more to come.


Ride Or Die


When one woman found out she had cancer and attempted to break up with her man as a result, his response was heartwarming: “I’m not going anywhere.”


A Supportive Spouse


It was learning that her father had cancer that caused one woman to call her boyfried and end their relationship. His next move? Flying to her hometown to support her.


Meet The Parents


After sleeping in late on a visit back home, one man woke up to find that his boyfriend had already been up on the porch chatting with his mom for hours.


The Platter Matters


One woman was ready to cut her first date with a new man short when suddenly, everything changed. He ordered the cheese platter, a sure sign of a smart spouse.


Pun Intended


When comparing the relative heights of their heels, one pun-loving man’s date unknowingly made a joke that would change her whole life: “It’s like a legs race.”


Coworker Crushes



Even more traditional love stories are cute. The story of one woman, who got with her coworker on a drunken night after years of hiding her crush, proves just that.


Jazzing It Up


One man remixed a classic romantic gesture by offering his date his jacket, but asking that she ignore the saxophone mouthpiece in the pocket. His quirkiness won her over instantly.


Healing Heartbreak


When you can trust someone with your deepest secrets, it’s a major sign they’re the one. One woman discovered this when, upon learning her traumas, her man cried with her.

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