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These Parents Copied Their Kids’ Selfies And Posted Them Online And I’m Dying Laughing



If you ever find yourself annoyed by your kids’ selfies, do what these parents did and replicate them to help your kids gain some perspective.

These parents were committed to the mission. Drawing on tattoos is a tedious thing to do. Totally worth it when you see these photos though.

They’re hilarious!


I Can Be Sheepish Too

This dad had too much fun with this reinactment of his daughter’s selfie.

Those drawn on tattoos are impressive, but how did he get that bandana to fit?


Well When You Put It That Way

These parents remind us all how ridiculous our poses look to everyone else.

As embarrassing as it might have been at first, I’m sure their kids got a laugh out of it.


Wait A Minute…

This mom and daughter look very similar, making this reinactment even better.

Dad did good with his part, but how did he get his daughter’s boyfriend’s shirt? Maybe he found it laying around and chose to replicate their selfie as a form of revenge.


That Duck Face Though

Dad’s duck face is on point in this photo. How funny that he found pants to resemble his daughter’s.

I’m sure she was horrified when she saw this.


Cool It, Dad

You don’t often see dads impersonating their sons.

This photo is hilarious, especially that belt grab.

Dad should’ve drawn on a beard, then it would’ve been perfect.


Stop With The Filters

Those leaves on his daughter’s head aren’t real, but his are. He must’ve grabbed a plant from its pot.

The tattoo, the necklace, the head tilt… all reasons why this dad should take home the trophy for best selfie mocker.


Still Got It After All These Years

These two ballerinas stopped for the perfect pose in front of the Epcot Center, and one of their parents decided to reply with a photo of themselves in the same pose.

Mom might have chosen to pose on the floor instead of in mid-air, but she looks like she’s having fun.


Okay, Dad, That’s Weird

This dad is seriously creative, but I don’t even want to know where that doll came from.

That doll might scar his daughter for life.


This Is Me Relaxing

The Sun

We’ve all captured a moment or two where we’ve felt most relaxed, and just happened to be cute at the same time.

This dad thought it’d be funny to copy his daughter’s “chill mode” selfie. It was.


That Looks Like It Hurts

This girl is simply showing off her talent of drinking wine by foot. If I could, I’d post a selfie of it too.

Maybe dad was jealous and had to see if he could do it. The wine probably ended up spilling all over his face.

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